The Legend of Zelda won't pass the intro, what do you do?

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    Edit 2: This is concerning cemu

    I copied the update contents to get rid of the update error, i downloaded the v48 update. I copied and replaced all the contents in code and context folders.

    After pressing a, the first text passes by, but then the text that says "The Legend of Zelda" it doesn't continue.

    16gb ram
    120gb ssd
    i7 6700k (intel graphics, no separate graphics card yet)

    Using a DS4 controller.

    FPS will be at 48-61.14 then goes down to 0.19-34 fps when it gets to the part it seems to be frozen at.

    The black and grey load bar screen that i see in other videos, i never see that, idk if it's because of the ssd or I am missing some things.

    Please help.

    Edit: Also where could I get a save file from?

    Edit 3: I'm using the patron 1.7.3 version and seen the grey and black screen but it went by fast and the number didn't seem as high as others. I used the wii u usb helper too.

    Added a picture where it freezes at.

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