The legend of Zelda spirit tracks. forwarded, ap patched and dpad patched.

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    Nov 14, 2019

    * It's up to you whether you want to do this or not, I'm not responsible for damage*

    This is a guide on how to forward *basically have a shortcut on the home menu to the game* Anti-piracy and dpad patch at the same time.

    Possible issues you may have experienced:

    -A white box with no title with a text showing up telling you to turn off the console

    -Patching the game in the first place

    -And some others may be solved as well *I ran out of possible issues*

    1. Get the game

    2. Download: the dpad patch:
    Download Delta Patcher:

    Download the forwarder:

    Download DS-Scene tool: *your
    virus detector might go off*

    3. Duplicate your game *this will be important for later*

    4. Open DS-Scene tool and put one of your games in and AP-patch it

    5. Open Delta Patcher choose your AP-patched game and the right xdelta patch *depending on the game region you
    have, it either end with or us.xdelta*

    IMPORTANT TURN OFF *checksum validation*

    6. Take the now dpad and Anti-piracy patched game to wherever you wanna store them on your SD

    7. Put the game you copied earlier *without any patches* in the same directory

    8. Run the forwarder and put in the vanilla game *no patches* and select auto-set rom directory

    8. Press on the game and edit the directory, by copying your patched game's name *with the .nds*

    This will lead to the creation of the cia without being corrupted by the ap patch

    9. Put the file on your sd card and install it with FBI.

    In case you encounter any sorts of issues fell free to comment or contact me via private message me at u/0BYK0

    I had to remove all links becaus im a newbie if you find yourself unable to find these file, go over to my reddit the links will be there u/0BYK0

    *The programs I asked you to download weren't created by me*
  2. Razor1993

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    Mar 20, 2010
    Thanks to this post, I finaly found out that there is a fricking DPad Patch for the DS Zelda Games :O
    Thanks :D
  3. OrGoN3

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    Apr 23, 2007
    United States
    They've existed basically since day 1. Nothing new.
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