The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest via Component Cables??

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    So I'm currently trying to run this game via Nintendont. I have component cables connected to my Wii. And everytime I select one of the two games it takes me to a black screen where all I hear is audio.

    I don't believe it to be an issue with the ISO as it's a 1:1 rip of my own physical disc. I know that it "should" be compatible with component cables because the game prompts me to enable "Progressive Scan" mode at the very beginning. Meaning that this is a game that Nintendo specifically designed to be compatible with component cables.

    I know the menu, for this compilation disc, properly displays at 480p but I'm not sure what the actual resolution is for the two individual games.

    Is this an issue with Nintendont?

    Also, I have all the video patches set to OFF, or default.

    Anyone else fall upon this problem?

    UPDATE: So I did some testing. I have two different Wii's. Both are running the same versions of all the same homebrew apps. One is a White Wii with "true" GameCube compatibility, and the other is a Light Blue Wii without GC compatibility. Both Wii's are using component cables, and both are experience the loss of video at the same exact moment. (Which happens when one of the two games in the compilation is trying to start up.) I'm assuming that there's a change in resolution taking place when switching from the disc menu to the actual game startup, although I have no idea what resolution these games are actually trying to run at.

    Out of curiosity, I decided to grab my physical copy and run it on the Wii with "true" GameCube compatibility, and it works! So, just in case, I used Clean Rip to make a new 1:1 copy, and after booting up the new ISO, via Nintendont, it still didn't work.


    UPDATE 2:
    I finally got it working. It turns out that there was a Nintendont setting causing the issue. I don't ever remember ever changing that specific setting, but I must have, because I can't imagine that that set value would've been set like that by default. The problematic setting was called "Video scale."

    I use USBLoaderGX to modify my Nintendont settings, and this specific setting is located in USBLoaderGX's "Loader Settings" menu, down in the Nintendont section.

    Look for...

    - Video scale X (40~120)

    ...with "X" being a user specified value between 40 and 120. This setting corresponds to the amount of vertical resolution lines that are displayed. By default, the Wii's resolution is 640x480. With 640 being the default amount of vertical resolution lines. So essentially, whichever value you set is being added to 600, to give you your desired amount of vertical display lines. I (for whatever reason) had my value set to "62" which gave me a custom resolution of 662x480. I'm not sure why I had it set like that, but it hadn't been giving me any problems until now so there was no reason for me to change it.

    Currently I have my value set to "40", making my resolution 640x480. If you were to change your value to "120" you'd have a resolution of 720x480.
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    You can change the NINVideoScale value to "0" in your GXGlobal.cfg file to let Nintendont decide what scale to use automatically. It can't be set to 0 in the loader. I sent Cyan a fix for it a few weeks ago.
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