The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D review

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    I WILL ADD PICTURES LATER, I will make them first. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="^_^" border="0" alt="happy.gif" /> Also movie is in the make.(busy with the movie right now)

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    Welcome everybody to my review of the legendary The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. I wanted this game badly since Nintendo announced this and well I really wanted to review this also. Well I got this game June 16th 1 day before the European release. And I pre-ordered it so I also got a second box and a poster!

    Thursday morning, it was raining lol so I decided to go by bus this time to my local shop. Instead by bicycle. I was already happy I had summer vacation and I had money. I came there and then when you get the game in your hands(the box) you’ll hear the legendary sound in your head from ‘YOU GOT A ITEM!!!’ well nice! Then I got a keychain too which looked okay.
    Back on the game itself. Let’s call it Zelda OOT 3D for now.(Shortened version of the complete name.) This game is a remake of the original Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Yeah wut so they ported it? In fact it’s a remake.(By Nintendo and their side companion for this game; game producer Greezo.) But they did include some new things in this game that was not in the old game!

    Here is a short list of what’s new in it.

    • Sheikah stones(Don’t know if I spell this right.) which give you hints to help you on your adventure.
    • Master Quest mode, which was also included with the Nintendo GameCube Version. This game is a harder version of the original.(I tried it and holy cow in a fish wall it’s hard!)
    • Better graphics, they improved the graphics allot. I shall try to add a picture from both versions bellow!
    • Well it’s in 3D of course!
    • The item screen had a revamp, they made the touch screen to status screen of the Nintendo 64.(I mean the clumsy status screen of the Nintendo 64 has been replaced by the 3DS touch screen.)
    • Certain glitches have been removed new have come in their place.(Like access Zora’s Domain as adult Link under water. This one has been removed.)

    Here is a short comparison table of features:

    Item Nintendo 64 version(Also on GameCube and Virtual console for Wii) Nintendo 3DS version of Ocarina of time
    Graphics Old still good for its time graphics. Great improved graphics. Still does not ask the max. out of my 3DS.
    Sheikah ‘Hint’ stones Not invented yet. In the game itself not in Master Quest version.
    Master Quest game Included in GameCube version(Needs to be with Zelda Wind Waker.) Other it was released on the Nintendo 64 in Japan Included with the game. Can be selected after certain event is completed.
    Boss Rush Mode Not included in this game. You can replay bosses you have defeated by standing in your bed and talking to your bed.
    Item select screen A bit clumsy screen, it’s a type to get used to it. It’s been placed at the Touch Screen of your device.

    Let´s get a talk on the game itself. The game start like normal in the Kokiri Forest. You’ll start as ‘Young Link’. In the first place you will end up in a dream of Link. You’re at a mysterious place on a field and a gate opens. A horse with a girl and a woman comes out of it. Followed by a shabby man with red hear. Then you will wake up with Navi the fairy next to you; she asks you to wake up. Because the ‘Great Deku Tree’ wants to speak to link. After doing certain things you may pass the guy named ‘Mido’ and you will land up in the first dungeon ‘Inside the Great Deku Tree’. I am not going to spoil to much but big spider Gohma is waiting for you at the end of the dungeon. This is your very first boss in the game! After destroying it certain things will happen and you may finally go out of this forest filled with youngsters! You will end up on the great Hyrule Field then the story begins for real…

    Further there happens a lot in the game the story is great and is told on an awesome way. Find it out yourself!

    Now in game things like graphics and music.

    Graphical the game looks great! It seems like Greezo and Nintendo have done great on this one. They did do nearly everything in the game! Everything had a makeover. Sound nice does it? Well still the graphics are not the best ever seen on this device. I believe many people say the Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D or Resident Evil Revelations is going to be the best on graphics we ever saw on 3DS.(Both games are made by Capcom.) In 3D the game looks magical, still Samurai Warriors Chronicle does defeat it with ease in the cut scenes.(Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja are great at 3D effects not to forgot Dead or Alive Dimensions.) but still the 3D looks awesome! In a certain cut scene with rain try to concentrate on the rain falling on your screen, again I had the ‘WOW’ effect since a long time. But nothing is wrong with the graphics or 3D effects!

    Musical the game is a masterpiece. The music gave me an epic and nostalgic effect.(The hyrule field theme is revamped and made me a bit emotional because I love this theme so much) But the music in this game is great. It gives you the feeling wow lets advance. Sometimes you get the feeling to make haste on your gaming experience like in the Shadow Temple. It gave me the creeps or The bottom of Well with some part ugn. But the music makes the game ultimate!

    Now let´s have a small talk about how the controls work on this game. The controls are SMOOTH I love them! Except the Ocarina controls which are screwed. The controls have been improved a lot since the old versions of this game. Also the circle pad makes your experience with this game perfect. Wait you know what I will list it for you!

    • Circle pad, move around on everything etc. try to aim on things.
    • A Button, this is used to let link roll, jump, talk, etc.
    • B Button, the main bas button for me. This is for slaying with your sword.
    • A, X, Y, R and L, used for Ocarina songs. Blegh I prefer C buttons(hint D-Pad) and A button fo this one
    • Y button, ocarina only
    • X button, ocarina only
    • L Button, this button is used to focus on thing. Like enemy’s, certain object, etc.
    • R button, very important; this is for holding up your shield!
    • Start/Select buttons, used to pause your game and save it.
    • Home Button, return to the home menu.
    • Power Button, power off your device.
    • Camera, no use in the game.
    • Motion controls, used to move camera so you can aim with weapons etc. Can be turned off also.(Press Start-> press the options button-> press motion to off-> press okay-> DONE!)
    • Touch Screen: its your status screen, here you can equip items, look at your (dungeon)map and you can equip different things like clothes, swords and shields.(Iron Boots can be equipped by getting them assigned to a Item button, they are not in the Status Screen anymore. Which makes them easy for use.)

    I hope this explains enough to you! I think they made it nice, but the Ocarina controls differ too much for me, the could´ve used the D-Pad and the A button only. I am used the original control scheme so I know where I am talking about!

    For long lasting appeal, I played this game for 35 hours by now, it seems like 35 hours is very much for a game! AND I am now in Master Quest mode in Lord Jabu Jabu. That’s a hard one you know. Since the world is mirrored no everything is mirrored. Link is also mirrored which means Sword in other hand etc. I feel very disorientated which is the meaning of it. But nice how long it took to get nearly everything in the normal version of this game.(33 hours between still need about 45 Gold Skulltala’s) Also if you want to know I am a hardcore Zelda Ocarina fan and I can guide myself in the first dungeon in about 10 minutes including the boss of the level. Second in about 30 minutes and the 3rd one is longer. I am trained as Young Link. In Adult mode it will get a bit harder since I cannot navigate myself that much anymore. But enough on that!

    Well here is the movie I promised:


    <div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain' style='height:200px;white-space:Pre;overflow:auto'>First let’s give the game a score!

    Graphics 8/10 Not the best in its sort. Resident Evil may defeat it!

    Music and Sounds 10/10 Still holds me in its grip. The music is composed beautiful!

    Long Lasting Appeal 10/10 The replay value of this game is pretty high 10 times of play troughs make it easy but still it’s fun!

    Controls and Gameplay 9/10 The control scheme is perfect except for the Ocarina controls but you will get used to it like I did.

    3D effects 9/10 The 3D gave again a wow effect. The 3D also adds a extra dimension to this game. I saw things I never noticed before in the N64 version.

    Final Score x2 92/100 NEARLY PERFECT! I am hard at giving away good scores but this one just deserves it! Everything has improved and just look over the glitches that were included as a nice ‘extra’.
    Final Conclusion, this game is a must buy for every 3DS owner even if you don’t like this sort of games you should give it a spin! I did enjoy playing trough this remade master piece a lot and I think it was worth waiting for this game! Next on my list of I WANT THAT GAME! A remake of The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask would be great, since I never really cleared it(still have the orginal 64 version here) and I really would love to see a master quest of that game!

    My scheme of planned reviews

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Also this review may NEVER be reproduced without MY approval. E-Mail me your website if you want to post it. Ill take a look and I will always be credited in any situation! <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> thanks for reading!

    Also <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wtf.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":wtf:" border="0" alt="wtf.gif" /> my voice sounds terrible!
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    Am I the only one who feels like this only got the score it did because the game is still riding the hype and nostalgia train? Realistically, I would only give the original OoT about a 78 to an 82. I would maybe give this version a couple points higher for the revisions and extra features, but not too much more, as they were all expected considering the size of 3DS carts and the size of the original N64 game (about 30MB).

    Regardless, nice review. I read about the first half, then skimmed the rest. Still though. [​IMG]
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    Thanks! Yeah I played this game for 10 years so automatically it rides the nostalgic train for me.

    But could you explain me why you would give the original 78 to 82 points?

    Maybe it depends on what you like? because this game is perfect to me. Still it has its glitches but I love this game!
  4. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Before people think I'm talking about the 3DS version, these are views of the N64 version.
    78 to 82 for a few reasons:

    The dungeons weren't fantastic. Hell, some just felt like work. I'm sure that even now, the Water Temple feels more like work, and less like fun. The Spirit Temple is a more work than fun dungeon too. The Forest Temple is very roundabout for the most part. Most of the dungeons are fun, but no part of any game should really feel like work (although, extras almost always seem like work regardless of the game in question).

    Although good for the time, the graphics still weren't as good as they could be (OoT was far from the best looking N64 game). Textures and the like were good, but wrong camera angles could easily make stuff just disappear. Items were shiny at least. Oh, and the camera sucked in the original version. It was good sometimes, but could really screw you when trying to target enemies.

    The sound is nice, regardless of the version. Some of the tracks are excellent. It is one of those things you can tell the developers tried on. I regret not being able to experience sound on the PSP emulator, though I have my Gamecube to remedy that.

    The story isn't overly original except for the inclusion of the whole time travel deal. Otherwise it is standard Zelda. There's the bad guy, go through dungeons, collect items, right when he's on the brink of completely winning, you kill him. It's a very bare bones version of the story, but it does get to the point. It is just the FFVII of the N64 in the respect that yes, it is fun, but for the love of all that is good, it isn't the best game in existence by so very far.

    Replayability suffers too. How many times are you willing to go through the same dungeons? Master Quest tries to fix this by being a staple feature of the 3DS version, but on the N64 version, you had the main game and that was it. Unless you are really into it at the time, the game will only warrant two or three plays a year, and that's only if you find yourself wanting to play it. I mean, you spend 99% of the game in a dungeon. Zelda games are dungeon crawlers at heart, and it can be really hard to get into those sometimes.

    Of course, I'm kind of picky when I score. I mean, I LOVED DQIX, easily one of the best games on the DS, and in the long run, it still only averaged out below an 8 due to some of the hurtful factors (primarily replayibility - didn't realize it would bring the score down so much).
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    All I can say is...


    Great review! [​IMG]

    EDIT: I have read thru your list of planned reviews. About DOA Dimensions, are you going to do a sole DOA Dimensions review or a DOA Dimensions VS SSFIV 3D Edition review? [​IMG]
  6. Langin

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    IDEA! Ill do both! [​IMG]
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    For future reviews, maybe you should get someone who knows english to read over it to fix any spelling/grammatical errors. Other than that I think it's a very good review.
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    This is what annoyed me too. I mean he clearly knows how to speak english but his grammar isn't excactly top-notch.
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    Did you pre-ordered it from Game Mania? If so, didn't they tell you that you where getting the special edition too? I got an email telling me it.
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    Are the better graphics really that much better? Or is just scaled up in resolution? How does it look compared to say, Project64 emulating the rom in 1920x1080 with AA and filters?
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    It looks WAY better. Most of the models were completely re-done so pretty much everything looks better than the original, even when compared to the original emulated in HD with AA.