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BOTW (Wii U) Re-Dubbing Guide.


This is a comprehensive guide on how to re-dub, or change the language of the voice acting, to a language not supported by your version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (From this point forward being referred to with the abbreviation BOTW) [DIGITAL VERSION ONLY, THIS GUIDE WILL NOT WORK FOR RETAIL DISC COPIES OF THE GAME]. This guide will explain step by step how to change the language, of the voice over only not the subtitles, for BOTW on a Wii U with access to a loader (Hacked, or using the homebrew launcher, however you want to say it).


Sorry for the big scary disclaimer, just don’t want to get into trouble. :) But don’t worry assuming you follow these directions properly there should be nothing to fear, however loss of save data or otherwise can occur if you aren’t careful, just a fair warning.


· A “hacked” Wii u: Basically any Wii u with a loader or capable of running homebrew. A well written guide by FlimFlam69 is available on his github Here (https://github.com/FlimFlam69/WiiUTutorial/wiki)

· A SD or micro SD card with adapter: Preferably with at least 14gbs of space. This is optional if you already have a digital copy BOTW installed on your Wii u. This recommendation is for individuals who have not already installed a copy.

· USB Drive(Optional): A USB drive with at least 14gbs of space may be used to store and run BOTW

· A Personal Computer w/ SD or micro SD card reader: Kind of goes without saying, but it is a requirement so might as well put it on the list.

Prep work: Downloads.

It is recommended to download the following before starting this guide. Create a folder on an easily accessible location on your pc and set it as the download path for the following items.

· Saviine by Maschell: A save import/dump tool for Wii u homebrew. (Download the latest release by clicking on the first visible instance of “saviine1.1[x].zip”) Download saviine or (https://github.com/Maschell/saviine/releases)

· JNUS by Maschell: A download and decryption utility for downloading game files directly from Nintendo’s content servers. Download JNUS or (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Maschell/JNUSTool/master/release.zip) File download will start automatically.

· Java 8 by Oracle Corporation: A library package for Javascript. A prerequisite for executing files ending in the “.jar” extension. Needed to run JNUS. Download Java 8 or (https://www.java.com/en/download/) Click the red button labeled “Free Java Download”

· ftpiiu by FIX94: ftpiiu is a network file transfer utility. It allows the user to access and change files on the Wii U system memory and attached USB storage devices through the user’s pc and internet connection. Warning: Poking around and altering the wrong files using this method can cause data corruption. Download ftpiiu or (https://github.com/FIX94/ftpiiu/releases) Download the latest release of ftpiiu by clicking on the first instance of “ftpiiu.elf”

· Any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client: Any program that allows for file transfer across a device network. This guide will use and refer to FileZilla as it’s FTP client. Download FileZilla or (https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client) Click on the green button labeled “Download Now – SOURCEFORGE – Trusted for Open Source” The page will then redirect to a sourceforge.net page where the download will start automatically after a few moments.

Prep Work: Setting up your SD card and using Saviine(Optional).

1. Ensure your SD card has the proper file structure: If you followed the guide linked above your SD card should already be ready, however if it isn’t, or you just want a reference, the root of your SD card should look somewhat like this:

Legend: [F]= Folder icon

[.(elf)] = Icon for file based on extension, any extension may be used.
Any text after a set of brackets [] = name of what items the brackets indicate.

An * after a name = indicates an optional file or folder


[F] Taxes

[F] Stuff*

[.jpeg] Doggo

[.doxc] School report

SD card:\

[F] haxchi

[F] install*

[F] wiiu

[.elf] boot.elf

Note: If you can’t see file extensions in your file explorer follow the directions on this site to learn how to set extensions to be visible.

2. Back up your BOTW save data (if applicable):

· To begin go to your downloads folder and unzip the “saviine1.1(x).zip” file to a separate folder.

· In the unzipped folder you will see two folders; server, and wiiu. Drag and drop(copy paste) the wiiu folder onto the root of your SD card. Remove the SD card and slot it into the Wii U.

· Ensure that both your pc and your Wii U console are on the same network.(I.E. connected to the same router)

· Obtain your pc’s IP address. To do so type “cmd” in the search bar of your computer(in the start menu for windows 7 and earlier, the pull out menu on windows 8, and next to the windows icon in 10) Click on the result for “command prompt”. A command prompt window will open type(or copy paste):ipconfig. A listing will appear you want to write down the number next to IPv4. It should be formatted like so: xxx.xxx.x.xxx You will need this number for later use.

· Power on the Wii U and access the Homebrew launcher through your preferred method. Once in the Homebrew menu select and load Saviine. Once save has loaded both the TV and Wii U gamepad should display a black screen with white text. There will be two numbered options. In option one use the directional pad on the Wii U gamepad to input your pc’s IP address from before. Once that is done finish option 2 by pressing the X button. The Wii U will then return to the system menu. Leave the system on and nearby for the following steps.

· Back on your pc open the server file that was unzipped earlier. Within there will be 3 files

[.bat] dump.bat

[.bat] inject.bat

[.exe] saviine_server.exe

Double click the dump.bat file. A new command prompt style window will open. Saviine should then create two new additional folders in the same directory; logs; and saviine_root.

· On the Wii U console, open the game you wish back up save data for just like you normally would. (this works for both digital and disc copies) The game will seem to freeze until the back up process has finished.

· The command prompt esc window will now begin to list information before a new small window pops up. Make sure both options in this window are checked on before clicking ok. Saviine will then begin to dump a backup of your save data onto your pc. Once the program has finished, it should auto exit and normal gameplay of the chosen game on the Wii U should continue. Your save data will be saved in a location like this:

C:\Users\(user/accountname)\(chosen directory)\saviine_root\dump

The save data will be sorted in folders, these folders will be named after the chosen games Title ID. So in the case of this guide the game would be the NTSC version of BOTW and so the folder would be named thusly: 00050000-101C9400 . Lists of Title IDs can be found easily online but if you have trouble the “contact me” section.

· Power down the Wii U and remove the SD card. Insert it back into your pc for the upcoming section.

Prep work Installing and setting up other pc end items.

1. Install Java 8: Run the .exe from the downloads folder and follow the onscreen prompts.

2. Install/locate your FTP client: You’ll want to be able to find it and configure anything needed before hand.

3. Prepare JNUS for use:

· In the downloads folder unzip the contents of release.zip into a new folder of your choosing. For reference this guide uses the name “JNUS root”

· JNUS root will contain 3 files; config; JNUSTool.jar; updatetitles.csv. Select the file named config then left click to open a drop down menu. Select the option “open with…”. A new menu will open up, select notepad and click ok.

· A notepad document will open. You will need to input the Nintendo Wii U Common Key. Due to legal reasons I cannot provide this key. However the key is easy enough to find, and if you still have trouble feel free to look down at the “contact me” section. Once the key has been input, click file>save. Then close the notepad document.

4. Set up ftpiiu

· Access the root of your SD card.

· Open “wiiu”

· Open “apps”. In this directory create a new folder named ftpiiu.

· Locate the “ftpiiu.elf” file from your downloads folder and copy it into the newly created ftpiiu folder on your SD card.

5. Final steps before the main event.

· Remove SD card from your pc.

· Slot SD card into Wii U.

The Re-Dubbing Process:

1. Determine what result you want and what you have.

· Most people looking into Re-dubbing seem to want the Japanese dub of the game over the English subtitles. (Which is the example used in this guide) However, you can mix and match this to any combination you please! German dub with Spanish subs, ect ect.

· The subtitles of the game are dependent on which version you have. If you want English subs, both the Eur and NA versions of the game will work as your base. One of these two versions of the game will need to be installed on your Wii U.

2. Getting the new audio files and installation

· To kick things off, Open “JNUS root”. Create a new folder called “tmp_[TITLEID]”. (Note: [TITLEID] is literally the alphanumerical Title ID for the Japanese version of BOTW, since I can’t provide the ID you will have to find it on your own. Its easy to find online, however if you have any issues see the “contact me” section.)

· Open the newly created folder and paste in the title.tik file for your desired version of the game. Once again I cannot provide this.

· Back out of the “tmp_[TITLEID]” folder and back into “JNUS root”. Ensure that no files in the directory are selected or highlighted, then SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK a blank portion of the directory. A drop down menu will appear, click “Open command window here”. A command prompt window will open.

· Type(or copy paste) in the following command:

“ java -jar JNUSTool.jar [TITLEIDGOESHERE] -file /content/Voice/.*”

(Insert the same Title ID you used to name the “tmp_[TITLEID]” folder)

Then hit enter. The new audio files will begin to download, this may take a while, you will know the files are finished downloading when the last line in the command prompt has a directory listed with a flashing cursor behind, just like when you first opened the prompt.

These new files will be stored in a newly created folder in the “JNUS root” directory. This new file will be named “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [ALZJ01]” within you will find a folder labeled content, and within that another called “Voice” these are where your new audio dub files have been saved.

C:\Users\[username]\[selected directory]\JNUS root\The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [ALZJ01]\content\Voice\

· Now that the new dub files have been downloaded, power on your Wii U. You will need to boot into a custom firmware or CFW. This can be done a number of ways(all of which are another guide for another day), however the most common method is to use “mocha” (more details here: Mocha or [https://gbatemp.net/threads/mocha-cfw-the-sweet-chocolate-to-your-latte.452940/]) So either auto boot into a CFW or launch Mocha from the Homebrew menu.

· Once Mocha has loaded and returned you to the Wii U system menu, once again start the Homebrew launcher. Once there navigate to and select ftpiiu and then load it. Once loaded the TV and Wii U gamepad will go black and display the following message in white text:

“FTPiiU v[insert version # here] is listening on xxx.xxx.x.xxx:xx”

The series of x’s above stand for an IP address, you’ll want to write this down as you will need it in the following steps

· Back on your computer open your FTP client. In the case of this guide FileZilla is the refence client. Set up a new connection and input the address found on the Wii U in the previous step. In FileZilla simply enter the address in it’s entirety in the box on the top right labeled “host”, then click the box to the left marked “ Quick connect”.

· The Wii U and pc should now connect. In FileZilla, pc directories are displayed on the left-hand side of the window and the “host” or Wii U on the right side.

· On the pc side of the FTP client navigate your way to where the new dub files are.

· On the Wii U side of the FTP client navigate to where your copy of BOTW has been installed.

Ø If BOTW is installed on a USB drive open the “storage_usb” folder

Ø If BOTW is installed on system memory follow the upcoming steps for the folders “storage_mlc” or “storage_slc” depending on where you find the necessary files.

· Open the “usr” folder

· Open the “title” folder

· Open the “0050000” folder *

*Note these numbers are the Title ID for the NA version, If you have the EUR version these numbers will reflect that version’s Title ID

· Open the “101c9400” folder *

· Open the “content” folder

· Scroll down and open the “Voice” folder

· Depending on what language you want your subtitles to be in, you will open the corresponding folder, in this guide we will open the “USen” folder. [United States English]

· Back on the left side of the window where the pc directory is (you should already be where the Japanese dub files are) Select ONLY the folders then right click to open a drop down menu and select upload. NOTE: ONCE YOU UPLOAD FILES TO THE WII U MEMORY THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

· The Wii U will display a large list of commands and files being transferred, the list will come to a complete stop when it is finished, the list will occasionally pause for a moment so be careful. You should also get a message in your FTP client saying that the upload was finished. Once the transfer is complete hit the home button on the Wii U gamepad to go back the Homebrew menu and tap the button again to reach the system menu.

· Launch your game and enjoy! That should be it. One thing to note however is that unless you start an instance of mocha every time you go to play BOTW you will be greeted with a message asking you to update BOTW. Simply select “Not Now” and you can continue to your game.

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