The latest Resident Evil game is codenamed Project Resistance, and will be revealed on September 9th

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    If Capcom want to show the world how western RPGs are done with Dragon's Dogma then I am OK with us being shown how Left4Dead 3 should be done.
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    It seems a lot of people here haven't played RE2 Remake, Resident evil is back to its prime, now is probably the best time to dive back into the series with fantastic games like RE2 and RE7, with more on the horizon such as this project.
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    I bet it’s a remaster of outbreak
    If you go to it’s just a white page with the word ok on it capcom did the same thing when they renewed the resident evil 2 website before the revel and also the same thing with monster hunter after they renew them they put a blank page with ok on it. Why would they renew and place a page on outbreaks website if they where not going to use it. Plus when the original sites came down they pulled all content they still owned the domain but there was no site anymore no their is content again
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    OPERATION RACOON CITY 2!!!1111!!!!!!!1
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    the code name is very likely to a Call of duty game or something
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    A Nintendo Switch timed exclusive, just like RE4 before it. That's my call.
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    I personally liked ALL RE games, with the exception of 6, i just found it too lousy. I do not care if it is first or 3rd person, with fixed or not cameras, just as long as it is a solid game that feels good. Let's see.
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    Oh? Sounds like a RE Game but dedicated to the mercenaries mode. That actually sounds really nice; maybe just a quick spin-off title but the focus is just surviving waves of enemies with people or friends?

    That'd be a fun game to pass some time, but surely not a main Resident Evil title to write home about.
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    Yeah, you never know which way it's going to go, do you? It could either be a new entry in the main series, i.e. RE8, which could be a direct sequel to RE7, or could pick up from older games such as 5 and 6 and bring back older characters, or it could be another spin-off and we could end up with another Operation: Raccoon City.

    I hope it's either another decent spin-off, like Revelations, or perhaps another attempt at online co-op, like RE: Online/Outbreak.
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    I think this is "Outbreak REmake"
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    Tyrant :):gun:
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