The latest kernel of R4 V1.23b version download

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    At present more and more new games cannot run smoothly on some R4 cards. So the R4i - SDHC R&D Team created the latest kernel of V1.23b by spending some more time and unremitting efforts.It solved the problems of the unnormal operation games that old kernels can’t support. For the new games solved cracking, R4i – SDHC gains the best reputation in the field of cracking speed and solving users’problems.

    Today, R4i – SDHC has updated the latest kernel V1.23b, the updating of new version as follows:

    1. Solved following issues of games

    Solved games:
    4994 - Rockman Zero Collection (J)
    4977 - Yumeiro Patissiere - My Sweets Cooking (J)
    4975 - Kunio-Kun no Chou Nekketsu Soccer League Plus - World Hyper Cup Hen (J)
    4970 - Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Herberts Revenge (U)
    4969 - Tetris Party Deluxe (U)
    4967 - Soccer Tsuku DS World Challenge 2010 (J)
    4966 - G.G Series Collection(J)
    4965 - Medarot DS: Kawagata (J)
    4964 - Medarot DS: Kabuto (J)
    4963 - Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental (J)
    4953 - Sonny with a Chance (E)
    4952 - Persia: The Forgotten Sands (E)
    4948 - Petz - Fantasy (E)
    4915 - Wario DIY (E)
    4798 - Alice in Wonderland (E)
    4762 - Alice in Wonderland (U)

    2. The hot games that had these problems have been solved

    4970 - Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Herberts Revenge (U)
    *For ROM CRC32 Must Be EB097EC9
    4969 - Tetris Party Deluxe (U)
    *Fix randrom freeze
    4953 - Sonny with a Chance (E)
    *Fix random freeze
    4798 - Alice in Wonderland (E)
    *Refix save freeze
    4762 - Alice in Wonderland (U)
    *Refix save freeze

    3) support new and powerful Wi - Fi engine functions.

    Recently, the new Wi - Fi assistant software has been upgraded. The new firmware shows you a more fantastic interface than before. You can download games, movies, MV directly with our assistant software rather than by PC. Then you can also keep abreast of the latest games, movies, MV and related information. It is very convenient for you to download timely. Also it has a humanized file management after downloading.
    Please download the latest Wi - Fi engine assistant software at our website if your R4 cards support Wi - Fi engine function. Please refer to operation manual if you are a novice.

    The article source from: games-engine
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    Should you be advertising the fact that this firmware can download games directly? That (to me) sound almost as bad as handing out the url of a r0m site.