The latest kernel of R4 V1.22b version download

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    The latest kernel of R4 V1.22b version download

    At present more and more new games cannot run smoothly on some R4 cards. So the R4i - SDHC R&D Team created the latest kernel of V1.22b by spending some more time and unremitting efforts.It solved the problems of the unnormal operation games that old kernels can’t support. For the new games solved cracking, R4i – SDHC gains the best reputation in the field of cracking speed and solving users’problems.

    Today, R4i – SDHC has updated the latest kernel V1.22b, the updating of new version as follows:

    1. Solved following issues of games
    Solved games:
    4958 - Captain Tsubasa: Gekito No Kiseki (J)
    4957 - Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (U)
    4941 - Figure Princess_ Exciting Skating Gold Medal Aim! (KR)
    4933 - Dementium II (U)
    4927 - Cosmetick Paradise: Kirei no Mahou (J)
    4902 - America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking (U)
    4877 - Again (U)
    4804 - Infinite Space (E)
    2888 - Professor Layton and the Curious Village (E)
    0881 - Castlevania - Portrait Of Ruin (E)
    0735 - Castlevania - Portrait Of Ruin (U)

    2. The hot games that had these problems have been solved

    4877 - Again (U)
    *Solved save freeze problem
    4897 - MapleStory DS (K)
    Must perform quick save before exit game, and restart game manually

    3) support new and powerful Wi - Fi engine functions.

    Recently, the new Wi - Fi assistant software has been upgraded. The new firmware shows you a more fantastic interface than before. You can download games, movies, MV directly with our assistant software rather than by PC. Then you can also keep abreast of the latest games, movies, MV and related information. It is very convenient for you to download timely. Also it has a humanized file management after downloading.
    Please download the latest Wi - Fi engine assistant software at our website if your R4 cards support Wi - Fi engine function. Please refer to operation manual if you are a novice.

    The article source from: games-engine

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    if they are so great
    what happened to the fix for prince of persian [​IMG]
    i want to play the game on my r4i sdhc [​IMG]...