'The Last Remnant' getting challenge packs!

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Nov 26, 2008
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    "Square Enix will roll out downloadable content for The Last Remnant starting next week and the good news is almost all of it is free. On December 1st Xbox Live Gold Members can download Purgatory’s Sins, a challenge pack with new guild tasks, and the Key of the Ancient Ruins which opens up ancient runes for Rush to explore. The Price of Lies, a second set of difficult guild tasks is scheduled to come out on December 22nd and like the other two packs it won’t cost you a dime.

    The only paid content so far is the March to War set, a package of there battle formations which Square Enix gave out as a pre-order bonus. If you missed out on it you can purchase it for 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25)."

    Here’s the schedule of DLC for the Last Remnant announced so far.

    Challenge Pack 1: “Purgatory’s Sins”
    Price: Free
    Release date: Gold Member: 1st December, 2008
    Silver Member: 8th December, 2008
    Level up your game with this pack of ultra-challenging guild tasks. Adequate game progression is necessary.

    “The Key of Ancient Ruins”
    Price: Free
    Release date: Gold Member: 1st December, 2008
    Silver Member: 8th December, 2008
    Unlock the gates to the Ancient Ruins with this key, and discover what mysteries lie within its crumbling depths.

    “March to War Set”
    Price: 100 MSP
    Release date: Gold Member: 15th December, 2008
    Silver Member: 15th December, 2008
    Three special unlockable formations (Scatterswarm, Goblet and Catapult) that will boost your tactical strength during battle.

    Challenge Pack 2: “The Price of Lies”
    Price: Free
    Release date: Gold Member: 22nd December, 2008
    Silver Member: 29th December, 2008
    Add this pack of the most difficult guild tasks yet. Adequate game progression is necessary."


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