The KORG "Games" and Homebrew Such as Dboy

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    I've heard a lot about the KORG games on the DS without actually hearing a lot about them. That is to say, I'm very aware they exist, but have absolutely zero clue as to their function. I know they both have something to do with music creation and/or mixing, but beyond that, I have nothing.

    I was wondering if somebody could kind of give me an in depth description of at least the function of KORG and any experience they may have with the recently released Dboy homebrew.

    Dboy can be viewed here:

    So, what are these?
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    I haven't messed around with KORG or Dboy, but here is a link to a site all about KORG DS that should help explain what it is and how it works:

    Hope that helps you!
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    There are Three Korg games on the DS.

    1. KORG DS-10 Synthesizer
    2. KORG DS-10 Synthesizer plus
    3. KORG MO1

    1 and 2 are almost the same. the plus version has some more channels and stuff. But you cant play the plus version on any flashcart. Really fun syntheziser with a lot of tweaking possibilitys. actually a professional synth. Like the real one. it is more for making petterns.

    KORG MO1 are my favorite of all DS music programs. It is a digital synthesizer and music workstation.

    It really blew me away when it came a couple of weeks ago, It doesent have equally many sound tweakings as the DS-10 but you can actually make whole songs on it! It has 8 channels and that is enough for most amature users =) It is a very powerful program and fantastic "emulation" of the original KORG MO1. You can choose among over 300 different sounds.

    To name a few that has used this synteziser:

    Depeche Mode, Fluke, The Cure, The Orb, The KLF, Plastikman, Gary Numan, Mike Oldfield, Pet Shop Boys, Vangelis and the Cranberries

    This is the one of the best on the DS of all time! (If you like music making)

    Try it and buy it =)
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    how that sounds really awesome^ ill be trying it out soon