The Interview With The Tales Of Innocence Translation Creator THROUGHH

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    I caught Up with the creator of the Tales Of Innocence Fan Translation Creator ThroughHim413
    I wanna thank him for his time with me for this small interview for the release of Tales Of Innocence
    that everyone fan of Tales Of Series Is Talking About

    1.How long have you been a fan of Bandai Namco's Tales Of Series?
    Throughhim413:Since Tales of Symphonia.

    2.What do you like about the Tales Of Series?
    Throughhim413:The battle systems and the characters. And the cliches.

    3Was This Your 1st Project in Translating a full Japanese game? And what if not what full translated games have you done and how long have you been translating Japanese games
    Throughhim413: No. I did a retranslation of Symphony of the Night and a translation of Tales of Phantasia. I've been doing it for a few years now. Since 2007, I believe.

    4.What programs have you been using to translate one of the best JRPGs that most likely never see the light of day from bandai namco in america?
    Throughhim413:I don't handle the hacking, so I can't give you an answer. However, I can say that hacking really isn't about using programs like a lot of people seem to believe.

    5.What do u like about Tales Of Innocence?
    Throughhim413:I like the characters - both the party members and the villains. All the personalities in the game are very different and that makes it fun for me to translate. Even many of the story NPCs are amusing in their own ways.

    6.Whats Your Favorite Tales Of Character?
    Throughhim413:Jade from Tales of the Abyss comes to mind. Hasta from Tales of Innocence is great. I like most of the cast members from Tales of Destiny and Tales of Hearts, but I'd have a hard time choosing just one. many years have you been working on Tales of Innocence?
    Throughhim413:A year and a few months.

    8.hmm whats your goal for the translation to be completed?
    Throughhim413:No comment.

    9 do u think that this will be your best work completed?
    Throughhim413:Yes, I do.

    10.Will there be any translation Projects after this one on any other Tales Of Series Game?
    Throughhim413:Right now I'm focused on Tales of Innocence. I'll deal with what comes next when I'm done.

    We Like To Thank Throughhim413 for his time
    And Its still TBA On Tales of Innocence(U) Comming to our Nintendo DS/DSLite/DSi soon
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    Aug 7, 2008
    Hey, no professionals.
  3. magicksun

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    Sep 14, 2009
    thats good a interview , but the creator , all the answer of the creator are short
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