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    I was wondering about this a lil while ago and ya know the cost of making a game is so much higher today then say 3 years ago. and it seems like to me that this industry is soon going to hit a brick wall like it did years and years ago. 60 mil for a game yeah right then you have to sell something equal to a platinum music record. i honestly don't think at this rate it gives new developers the chance to succeed and it also adds alot of pressure to the devs. so okay EA just signed contrcts for advertising in its games does this mean that it cannot support the costs for development? and if the rates keep rising more publishers and devs will do the same, all of our games are gonna be made b'y the same companies. there is no room for innovation (xbox & PS3), if nintendo went under with the cube there would be nothing new to see in this gen only eye candies and come one guys thats not all that matters. WHATS your thoughts? i'm in a rush i have to go to wrk. later Biotches lol jokes.
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    The games cost 10-15 millions (USD) for an advanced platform -360,PS3-
    and 5-10 millions for a minor one -Wii,PS2-

    There's no 60 million game, Shenmue was like 30 and Driv3r was close to that IIRC.
    Source: NYT of course, lol
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    game makers have found a great ally in the wii. on it, a port or mini-game compilation can be made cheaply and sold for only $10 less than a real game. Once the Wii fad is over, publishers are going to have to start looking for cheaper ways to make games.

    hopefully, soon, we'll see more independent games, like the independent cinema. people have shown through the wii that they are willing to buy games without bleeding edge graphics, and that gives me hope that small developers will be able to make creative software without the benefit of huge budgets.