The importance of class 2/4/6 when buying microSD for my A2Ki?

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    I ordered a new A2Ki to replace my R4 (oops!) and it should be arriving within the new few days. So I'm buying a new micro SDHC to prepare. I noticed I could get a 8GB for 11 bucks on Amazon and that would be a sweet deal. But I noticed its only a class 2 which is 2mb/s transfer rate, and class 4 and 6 are respectively 4mb/s and 6/mbs. The 6/mbs 8GB SDHC is 20 which is still not bad but less than 11.

    I'm currently using the past recommended fast Kingston SD-C02G 2GB that everyone said to get back then so Castelvania wouldn't lag and games as such. Does anyone know what class that card is? I tried finding it online and I can find it but no info on the class for that serial. Basically am I going to see any lag in games if I go with a class 2 besides castlevania? I don't mind if it takes an extra few seconds to boot the game, just that if the game actually lags in game. Are class 2's okay? Should I splurge on the class 6? Does it matter?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Mar 20, 2010
    In my experience, the class dosnt matter much on the Acekard.
    On my older R4 versions, the faster the card the higher chance the games will work.

    Gameplay vise i can tell no difference with the acekard. Get a class 6 though if your going for 8gb.. you dont wanna spend hours of transfering do you [​IMG]
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