The Idiots Guide to M3 DS Simply (& R4 DS)

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    The Idiots Guide to M3 DS Simply (& R4 DS)

    Helpful guide by member teapea

    GBAtemp member teapea has posted a useful guide he's made on how to get the M3 DS Simply or R4 DS up and running with games, music, homebrew and more straight out of the box. It's a fairly comprehensive guide and should prove a useful reference to new adopters of either flash kit.

    Check it out at the link below, and feel free to leave your comments on the guide in this topic.Thanks teapea!

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    Wow.. I expected that guide to be like one line long...
    'open a filemanager program, drag over your desired file and start it'

    but appearantly not.. gj teapea nevertheless ;P
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    Great job!

    - Sam