The Hadoken Headshot and more

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    Lali ho!

    I know this might look like a blog but it's not. Really. I actually have a serious question to ask at the end so it belongs here, 'k? Anyway, got myself MVC3 and TDU2 today (win) and so far loving MVC3. So much so that TDU2 hasn't seen the light of day yet. Was playing against my little brother (dirty spamming whore that he is, he's all I have available right now) and there were some great moments. Notably:

    - He thought he was so clever because he timed one of Wesker's teleports so well I missed with a Metsu Hadoken. He then hurled himself at me thinking I could only fire it horizontal. I may have forgotten to mention that the attack can be angled. Thus hitting him square in his unsuspecting jaw. Good times.

    - The best moment by far though has to be the final match. My team was Phoenix, Ryu and Zero. His was Wesker, Chris and Hulk. He spammed Ryu and Zero into powder with Hulk leaving me with just Phoenix. So I got my head kicked in and activated X Factor for a comeback. Suddenly he can barely scratch me 'cause my health's regenerating so damn quick. So I take out Hulk and Chris leaving only Wesker to take down the Phoenix. And once X Factor wore off he had me down to critical health. IE: one more bullet to the face and it's lights out. I ducked under his last shot and used Phoenix's super move, upon which she sprouted fiery wings, a huge power boost, and totally regrew her entire health meter. I then proceeded to pwn the ever-loving fuck out of Wesker while little brother was too pissed off to concentrate [​IMG]

    Anyway, enough revelrie. The question. I'm told there exists DLC to acquire Jill Valentine as a playable character here in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Is this true, and how might I go about getting it? Also, what other DLC should there be? I remember hearing about more but there's literally fuck all on the Marketplace. No Jill, no DLC, not even a trailer. What gives with that?

    Secondly, anyone here play MVC3? We should set up a tournament some time, like we do every now and then with Black Ops and stuff. Xbox live, obviously, that way I can play. Who's in? Favoured set ups? Is it gonna be all pros pwning me into a fine snortable powder or is there a chance of victory for a newb to the series like myself?
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    For others reading TDU2 I assume it test drive unlimited 2

    Yes there is DLC
    Marvel_vs_Capcom_3-GameStop_Special_Edition_Character_Pack-Jill_Valentine_and_Shuma_Gorath-DLC_XBOX360-XBLAplus is the JTAG 360 variation of the DLC.

    By the looks of the name it is gamestop special/preorder sort of thing. You might be able to do the hacked/shared profile thing (you will not be able to use it online though) and I am not a great fan of that method, it is however the main method by which non JTAG users get DLC the less than legit way.

    I doubt it will work by any of the other methods either (LIVE2CON- I know it is only a meg (got to love on disc DLC) but MS have not let this one slide in a while) or simply come as a PIRS* file (several other DLC options over the years, mainly from expansion pack/GOTY discs).

    *edit- I just checked. It is a LIVE format file.

    However this is a Capcom fighting game we are talking about, I fully expect 20 different editions to come out before this year is even out and before then have the gamestop thing become a DLC after a few months (probably after a few waves of expensive alternative costumes or maybe a reskin for "evil" versions of characters- doubly so as this is based on comic characters).

    As for playing it I am afraid I tend not to play straight up fighting games. Streets of rage and co all day long but "2d" fighters do little for me.
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    I play haven't decided my team yet but I like Nathan Spencer and Amaterasu.
    Also you can save Phoenix and X factor till when she gets resurrected and you can wipe 3 characters in about 10 seconds even if they block.
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    From what I have read, Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath will be available 30 days after release via DLC.