"The Guy/Girl" who tries out kiddy games (DS) for gbatemp, i

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    I'd like to know, as I've found that some games that we usually automatically dismiss as shovelware (mostly the kiddy ones) are actually good and nice for the little ones. I've recently stumbled upon Dora... and something about saving the mermaid and I was quite surprised that (while not great) it actually felt like you were watching the show and participating. I donated my r4 to my niece just so she could play with her brand new DSL in time for her birthday - which is monday. I kinda feel sad that I've lost an r4 but happy none the less, as a regained a little bit of my humanity by giving a sweet little girl and gift that she can be happy and keep her occupied for her birthday and the days that follow. I've also included Crayola Adventures, and Disney Friends in the little r4 package as well as cartridges consisting of NSMB, Brain Age and the ever lovable Nintendogs. I'm gonna try out some more games if I have the time, so I can keep my niece occupied after she's done with the games she's gonna get. Anyways, sorry about this wall of text of sorts, I just had to let it out and share some thoughts...

    I'm not aware if there's already a thread about these kind of games, but if there is, I'd be obliged if someone would point me to that direction. Well, that's it I guess. (back to painstakingly building my matchstick tower project which the deadline is in about 6 hours T_T)
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    Schlock happens to every domographic, but I don't hate games just because they don't interest my demographic.

    The Crayola Adventures title you mentioned, I checked it out as well and thought it well suited for the young crowd.