The Great Ace Attorney Fan Translation Project

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  1. I am interested in being a Translator.

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  2. I am interested in being part of the Coder and Hacker team.

  3. I want to voice act or somehow fuel this project.

  4. I am a fellow fan and a supporter of this project. I wish all of you the best of luck.

  5. I will help gather support and attention for this project.

  6. I don't care about this effort or feel that it is in vain.

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  1. AceAttorney524

    AceAttorney524 Member

    Feb 29, 2016
    United States
    Hello users of GBATEMPT! Thank you for taking the time to view this thread. My name is AceAttorney524. As you may already be aware, I am putting together a project that will bring TGAA to the west once and for all. So you may be thinking, there are so many threads regarding this subject. Well that is the problem. So many people have thrown together threads and actually gotten some people who have what it takes. The problem is that all of these threads while show great potential in the people who are on them, have little to no organization and quickly die out. I am hoping that this will be the AAI2 effort that brought us that wonderful game. This is going to be the biggest effort to make this happen on my part, and I hope you will do the same. I want this to be the absolute go to for any work on the project instead of having scattered threads with some good work that isn't going to be used. Please link this to any other threads with Ace Attorneys in the making. Hopfully the following will answer any other questions.

    Who?: I am the leader organizing this project and hope to find a team who will bring this to a reality. I am dreaming that this will gain a mass amount of Ace Attorney fans who will all work to making this a reality.
    What?: We will be fully translating The Great Ace Attorney into English and make it available in the same fashion as AAI2.
    When?: I want this project to start ASAP. This game was released last July of last year. 7 months later, we have no game. Capcom has told us that they basically don't care enough about our fanbase. It is time to take this into our own hands.
    Where: As fans of this franchise, we must unite from all around the world to help us western followers. We need as much help as we can get.
    Why: Because as a fanbase we deserve this. We must work together to accomplish the same feat that the team from AAI2 did.

    Please spread this around as much as possible. Use Facebook, Twitter, other forums, or whatever you can to let as many people possible know about this. It is time we all got our efforts together to make this happen. This is meant to be a main hub for all work on the translation. If you see any other forums regarding this, please link them here. The problem is that we have an effort, but it is not unified or organized. I hope that this will save that problem. If anyone can contact the team from the translation of AAI2, please send them here. Let's do this.

    While I do not have the hacking or lingual knowledge that many of you awesome individuals have, I will always do everything I can to guide and oversee this project. I'm tired of Capcom doing this. Let's show them that we are a fanbase that cares enough to translate the game ourselves. As hopefully the facilitator of this project that will hopefully see a good end, I want this to be the one unified effort to get this into gear. Let's do everything we can as a community to make this dream come true.
  2. AceAttorney524

    AceAttorney524 Member

    Feb 29, 2016
    United States
    This is just what I feel we should have in order to design a successful project:

    Translators: These are individuals who are fluent in both English and Japanese. They will be able to comprehend the Japanese text and translate it into English.
    Coders: This is the team of people who are able to access the Japanese version's code; they will be able to turn it into something tangible and work closely with Translators to turn it into English.
    Hackers: These are people who will assist the coders and translators in by further working on the game. They will be the people who specialize in changing the game in areas needed and eventually assisting the coders in creating a public download for the game.

    Testers: These people will test the game once we have neared completion. They will play the game before anyone else and let the above trio know what needs to fixed.
    Voice Actors: I hope to have just as much voice acting in the game if not more than the original. Auditions will be available via Skype in the latter part of development. Once selected I will send you to our coding and hacking team to integrate recordings.

    The Community: That's right, everyone interested will have a part to play. Nobody will be left out. This project isn't going to do itself. As a community you can help me by spreading the word. Get as many people possible here to fill these roles. Use social media and other forum posts or websites to tell everyone about this. Even your support in general is appreciated so much. Let me know that this can happen.

    It seems a great deal of work has been done here: Kudos to these people for their efforts. Just remember the purpose of this thread is not to take any credit, but to keep the community update and serve as a place where everyone working can keep in contact with each other.
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