The Gigaleak 5 (Pokémon spinoffs and FDS master disks)


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Feb 13, 2015

Another leak of the leak has been posted, with the filename du jour being paladin.7z, its size 2438738380 bytes and its SHA-1 hash 836A6A8240E834A24B19AC79E77E47E652DFC71C.

As with the previous releases since the first "gigaleak", the theme of a semi-arbitrary mix of give or take two major contents is followed:
  • Quality assurance materials for Pokémon Ranger, including debug and demo versions and a fairly comprehensive amount of prerelease versions.
  • Japanese debug and non-debug versions of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red, Blue, Explorers of Skies and Darkness. Most of these ROMs do not match the existing No-Intro catalogue even after accounting for header encryption.
  • E3 demo builds of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • A likely complete disk image set of FDS Disk Writer source floppies (for both definitions of the word "image", as pictured above).
  • Source code repositories for 3DS bootroms.
  • A few builds of an early DS SDK.
  • 3DS system title authoring tools and documentation.

The author thanks a very important woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, for the tipoff

[GAME=game/pok-mon-ranger.14606]Pokémon Ranger[/GAME] [GAME=game/pok-mon-mystery-dungeon-blue-rescue-team.2320]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue[/GAME] [PLATFORM=/platform/fds]Famicom Disk System[/PLATFORM]
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