The .gba and .sc.nds files in Homebrew Apps/Games

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    I've recently downloaded some homebrew apps and games and I've noticed that many of them have the .nds file with a .gba and/or .sc.nds file along with it. What is the purpose of the .gba file? Is it needed? Same witht he .sc.nds file. Thanks for help
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    I'm not sure on this one but I think the .gba(or gba.ds w/e) is for Slot-2 carts. And the sc.nds is the one for the old Supercard Slot 2 models.

    Again, I'm not sure on this one, but I think thats what I heard about it. [​IMG]
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    Oh, SC CF, how I miss you
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    *.nds files are regular, plain executables.
    *.ds.gba files are meant for old-school NOR-based GBA flash carts. They are the same as *.nds files but with a small header attached to the front and renamed so that the GBA flashing software will allow it to be flashed to the card.
    *.sc.nds files are exactly the same as *.ds.gba files but again renamed so that the slot-2 Supercards will boot them in DS mode (they boot based off of file extension). Basically, the slot-2 Supercards needed the .ds.gba file's header but needed it to end in *.nds to boot in the right mode. To avoid naming conflicts, homebrew authors added the ".sc" to the filename.

    However, this system is mostly deprecated now that regular *.nds files can be flashed to GBA flash carts and the Supercard firmware now runs regular *.nds files much better after a firmware update. PAlib probably still outputs all three files, but a single *.nds file made with a standard, recent DevKitARM installation should be able to work fine on all device.