The gadget of your dreams

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    in your heart...coz secretly you love me !!!!
    Ok we all need some gadget for a certain job or only to be cool [​IMG] (yeah ninjas are cool)
    but some gadget are different from others ........some of them are the top.......but we see them from different perspectives
    that's why id love to hear your "dream gadget" and the reason that make you want them
    here are mine:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!


    Best handheld console +

    Best home console +

    Best e-book reader

    Best netbook/tablet

    Best Smart-Phone

    Best MP3 Player

    Best Bike & Car

    the gadget that i marked with a + are already in my posses
    also i will update this post if i find any new cool gadget is discovered or released