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    Feb 18, 2010
    Ok we all need some gadget for a certain job or only to be cool [​IMG] (yeah ninjas are cool)
    but some gadget are different from others ........some of them are the top.......but we see them from different perspectives
    that's why id love to hear your "dream gadget" and the reason that make you want them
    here are mine:

    [title:Desktop pc]
    Mac mini
    it has to be it,is small sexy and its apple and its not to expensive ,also it supports some new games

    Dell 1764
    i already have this one and i love it ,it has a nice display a great sound quality and a very nice keyboard.......
    even thought it has an awful touch panel and battery life ........oh and it gets a little HOT under the case...anyway

    NDS lite
    easy choice ,its so small that it can fit in a pocket,it has great library games,everyone has one so multiplayer is guaranteed
    and it has some great homebrews .....for example one of my favourite is color 1.6

    im not a big fan of home consoles so what i have for me is ok(even a snes would be ok for me ).....
    back on the topic now ,the wii it has some great games and a motion controller which i love,
    also some great homebrew......for example my favourites are wiimc and whiite linux

    Kindle 3 wifi
    its powerful so no lag time for page switch
    its cool looking ......and its cheap only 139$

    IPAD 2
    its sexy,its big ,it has some great occasional games ,some great apps and its apple quality
    also its very portable and it has a great battery life which is a important thing for a tablet

    Iphone 4
    this one was difficult as apple eventually after 3-4 years will stop the firmware updates for that device so no new apps
    something that already happened to my iphone 2g
    compared to an android which you can install later firmware's even if they aren't officially supported
    also i know what a iphone can do and its build quality so i chose this one

    Ipod Nano Touch
    this one is a easy choice ,small ,24h battery ,touch..........and can be used like a watch and you can change the fields Oo

    Bike:Ducati 1198
    super sexy and super fast what do you want more ?
    Car:New Ford Focus
    well i will just say this:
    its stops when you are distracted and a child its in the middle of the road .... (this is a example but it could easy be a cute little bunny [​IMG] )
    also it can read road signals and can park for its-self

    the gadget that i marked with a + are already in my posses
    also i will update this post if i find any new cool gadget is discovered or released
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