The future of gaming?

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    Lali ho.

    Cruising the net out of boredom and a lack of Pringles and I found this. Probably old news but I'm curious as to whether you think this sort of tech might be used for gaming in the future.

    Anyone who's ever seen Star Trek will recognise the potential there. Imagine it. Given another decade or two this might be be an actual holodeck. The ultimate way of enhancing immersion in your gaming, you're actually living it. Probably start off with a football game or something but it'd soon grow into full fledged RPG games and the like.

    If this technology ever does reach such lofty goals, what sort of games do you want to see? Any classics you'd want to see remade for a holodeck? Here's a short list of what I think would work.

    - Final Fantasy. Any of them would do, but I'd like to see 7 remade to shut people up. Fighting in high speed acrobatic battles like Advent Children. Might require more tech though. Provided of course that the holograms aren't 'hard light' like in Red Dwarf, IE: you can actually touch them. Otherwise the experience will be ruined by the many rabid fanboys living out depraved fan fictions regarding Yuffie and a four pack of banana yoghurt.

    - Resident Evil, preferably 2 or 4. Call me crazy but I just don't find pixely zombies scary. Have it reborn in full HD holographic interface and suddenly it's one of the scariest games ever made. Of course the age rating would have to be more vigorously enforced, otherwise the entire deck would smell of shitty pants.

    - Force Unleashed. At some point we've all wanted to be a Jedi/Sith, throwing people around like rag dolls.

    - Mass Effect/Dragon Age. Like I need to justify this one.

    - DOA. Much like FF7 this would probably be ruined by the holodeck smelling of spunk thanks to Kasumi fanboys, but if they had a good cleaner on standby it'd be a great fighter and a decent skill-based addition to the idea.
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    I'm expecting brain implants. So you're actually Link, fighting to save the princess. Sort of like a dream you can control.
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    Like a lucid dream, but without the hassle to get inside... I'd like that!
    Hmmm... I wonder what Minecraft would be like... or summoning an Eye of Cthulhu in Terraria...
    Sonic would be awesome too, running around at the speed of light.
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    Actually Kasumi has been the center of the story since the very beginning, but she became truly important in DOA2. I'm pretty sure it wasn't due to fan response, though.
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    I seriously doubt Kasumi's popularity with the fan base has anything to do with the DOA plot. More her sweet innocent virgin persona with ridiculously oversized tits.
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    Yup. That's kinda what I expect.

    We could probably have it already if it wasn't expensive and risky.