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    Aug 7, 2015
    One thing they won't have in common is that the followers of Trump will be able to provide an huge amount of independent sources that he actually existed and for the things he did.
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    I don't care that you don't care, the points cast doubt on your interpretations & were there for other unsuspecting readers who may have thought you had made meaningful arguments.

    Your reaction proves to me that I was correct in avoiding engaging directly with you.

    No, why? People want things and people want to make money, whether you are being invaded or not.
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    Incredibly egotistical to think of kids as nothing more than extension of yourself. I might have some, I might not. If I do, they'll be free to choose a religion for themselves, I'm not going to force that part of my own belief system down their throats.

    So reverse-gentrification in a sense? I'm down for it.

    In a roundabout way I guess you're right, it is self-serving of me to want to lift the entire nation out of needless poverty and starvation. It would be a lot easier for me to sleep at night and enjoy the things I do have, knowing that there is a baseline standard of living established for my fellow citizens. I wouldn't have to worry about crime borne of desperation, in my neighborhood or any other. The list goes on.

    Could've fooled me, CNN and MSNBC covered a bunch of his rallies without any commentary whatsoever. Wal-Mart and any number other corporations would've thrown their weight behind the Republican candidate regardless of who won the primary. Not to mention there's no way Trump would've won without the support of 80% of the nation's police, who you claim to hate.

    Precisely why we need expanded workers' rights, to get us more paid vacation time as a standard, among other benefits. The US is a joke compared to the rest of the world in this regard.

    So a couple of guys with a podcast represent the entirety of the left now? "The left" is not monolithic on any issue, pick a topic and I guarantee you I can find hundreds of pages of leftist infighting on it. Needless to say, I don't agree that cashiers aren't a part of the working class.

    Ah yes, there's that "personal responsibility" Republicans are so famous for. :lol:

    Awfully cryptic there. Hoping for more violence, are we?

    Some of us, sure. Others gave up on electoralism entirely a long time ago. And others still only thrive in anarchy.

    I think you're vastly overestimating the impact of what I have to say, as well as vastly overestimating the impact GBAtemp has on US politics. :rofl:

    In any case, fuck 'em. Aside from the people who have a confederate flag or a swastika hanging up in their house, anybody who watched four years of Trump's bombastic brand of hatred and divisiveness and decided, "yeah, I want more of that" is still irredeemable scum.

    Huh? I didn't say anything about giving preference to any race. I was referring to the same opportunities given to everybody.

    Oof, that must be some strong stuff you're smoking. The US consumer pays for tariffs, it only affects China if we slow or stop consumption of Chinese goods. AFAIK, Wal-Mart's profits didn't take a hit over the last four years, if anything they went up. So you should be able to put two and two together there.

    Gotcha, never had it explained to me that way before. Guess I'm a geek slowly working my way up to nerd.

    It's hard to tell if it's decay or just status quo stupidity, as the elderly have maintained control over most leadership positions in this country for decades, if not centuries.

    On that we completely agree. I'm just not sure why you can't see Trump as the exact same breed of neocon that GWB was. After all, he assassinated a foreign military official without any provocation, it doesn't take much imagination to predict what would've happened if we had experienced a 9/11-style attack during his term.

    As center-right as he is, even Biden is reportedly considering eliminating the student debt bubble. And sure, I'd agree that medical bills are out of control in this country too, something needs to be done about our healthcare system in general. Obamacare was a tiny bandaid placed on a freshly-amputated limb, it doesn't go nearly far enough.

    It's nothing new unfortunately, it's just much easier to do on a much wider scale now, so more people are getting in on the grift.
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    There were no points made though. The link didn´t dispute that Jesus´s mission targeted his people, not foreigners. Even Trump did not say "only America" but "America first".
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    So I guess the next thing for Donny boi is a public crucifixion for his MAGA cult members to make a religion out of.
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    Didn't Jesus save all who believed in him? If he only saved people from his own country then it would seem to limit the extent of the religion.

    I am not convinced that you even believe your own argument.
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    Jul 30, 2016
    Doesn´t Santa Claus bring presents to all countries?
    Listen, I know it is hard to swallow but there is a feel-good Jesus in your imagination and an actual Jesus aka historical Jesus.
    If I were to write a book about Elvis Presley, I might include accurate information, but everything post mortem would be irrelevant to you, wouldn´t it?

    You can read stories about Muhammad and believe some of the things without thinking he split the moon once.

    Raza Aslan thinks Jesus was a Zaelot and I happen to think he was a national socialist. Prove me wrong with things Jesus said prior to his death. Keep the rest for Sunday school.
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    It sounds like you were on the naughty list.

    I don't need to prove you wrong, you need to prove your point & you haven't. You may think you have, I can't help with that.
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    some people like having faith. It's still thinking for yourself if you choose to follow a certain religion.
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    Your kids are half of your genetic line, which goes back to the beginning of life itself. They are the closest thing to immortality that exists in this world. Pretty odd that something so profound registers to you as "egotistical", which is the sort of word you see morbidly obese Jerry Springer guests spouting. I think you meant egocentric.

    So it's indoctrination when the right raises their kids to believe what they believe, but it's education when the left raises my kids to believe what they believe. Thanks for making your hypocrisy evident to all.

    Just remember that trying to escape diversity is racism too.

    The only way to eliminate poverty is to make everyone poor, as demonstrated in the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, and China before the dummies in charge of our trade policy decided to ship all our manufacturing to China.

    Find me pictures of Americans - especially non-white Americans - that are thin and clearly starving, and I'll believe you when you say there's starvation in the USA. Don't forget to tell me how both starvation and obesity are both my fault, seeing as how white people are responsible for everything bad in the world.

    In my experience, most crime is due to drug addiction or a lack of feedback in the crime/punishment system. You can commit pretty much any crime and get away with it until you're 18, then you're looking at 5 to 10 years. The lack of slowly escalating severity in response to crime teaches people that there is no punishment, when in reality the lump sum plus interest punishment is waiting down the line.

    Provide a link to videos for such a claim.

    And they also condemned the "violence" in the capital this past month. Corporations will do whatever they need to do to make money, it's literally the only reason they exist (and why they shouldn't exist).

    Loathing is very different from hate. Hate is the mirror of love, in that you care deeply what someone thinks and feels, and want to continue your relationship with them just in a different manner. Loathing someone means that there is no relationship, just a void where any positive emotion could exist.

    If you've read Orwell, you'd understand that cops serve power, full stop. They are the dogs trained by the pigs to keep the other animals in line, and rewarded with privileges and of course the supreme privilege of humiliating and tormenting those weaker than you with total impunity.

    I agree with the sentiment, but the path you propose won't work. It just results in an eternal game of cat and mouse between unions and corporations. Better to revert to a pre-modern system where Capital is constrained by geography, and prevented from collectivizing (issuing stocks and bonds, forming corporations, assigning officers to run corporations), while there are no such limits on Labor collectivizing via guilds and whatnot.

    I mean, our manufacturing tech is so advanced that we don't need GloboGigaCorp Inc. to raise 2 billion dollars to make cars that break down in 7 years. We can just have a lot of small, locally owned micro-factories that form cooperatives and make parts based on agreed-upon specifications, and have other manufacturers assemble the parts incrementally until you have cars.

    Or just do away with the high-way system altogether and revert to the more ecologically sustainable river navigation, canals, and rails systems.

    It would be much, much simpler than having 700 million laws to deal with the BS that corporations get into, and being simpler it would be easier to navigate and to fix.

    My ideal system is one where 90% of the population has a small business, and everyone is deeply rooted in a community that cares for them.

    The infighting doesn't matter if it policy is informed by a handful of corporate and billionaire interests. I should know, the same is true of the Republican party which is why I hope it dies.

    Never look at Twitter then.

    There's the empathy the left is famous for.

    Wouldn't dream of it. Violence isn't necessary or productive when you literally do all the jobs that keep the nation running.

    I'm hoping that the left does exactly what they say they plan to do, in regards to "deprogramming" Trump voters, and the Trump voters stop contributing to a society that hates them. We'll see how things work out in Lefty-Land without the overwhelmingly straight, white, Christian, and male:
    wildland firefighters
    army and marine infantry
    marine, army, and air force base and embassy security (coincidentally, the same people who protect CIA bases overseas)
    special forces
    coast guard drug and human smuggling interdiction forces
    nuclear sub sailors
    nuclear plant workers
    pipe fitters
    welder, especially marine welders and underwater welders
    concrete workers
    airplane pilots
    high rise steel frame construction workers
    engineers, especially chemical engineers
    oil field workers
    coal miners
    truck drivers
    railroad freight movers and engineers
    power linesmen

    If Biden replaces all these straight white Christian men with woke BIPOCs and transgender people suffering from hormone-induced bone density loss, the USA's power and transportation infrastructure, and military, would collapse within a year... and the left would have no one to blame but themselves.

    And before you go on about this being Nazi-ism or whatever, the grandparents and great-grandparents of these men defeated Nazi Germany, so technically they're antifa. If we had 250 lb 5'2" woke BIPOC enbys fighting the Wermacht, we'd be speaking German right now.

    If you think your boutique oppressed groups can build and run a nation without these guys, you should consider why throughout the historical record, patriarchal shitlord barbarians routinely annihilated and enslaved "civilizations" run by rotund mother earth goddess (whom our blessed BIPOC enbys resemble) priestesses. Without these Trump voters, you're paying Los Zetas to not dismember you with landscaping tools and pimp out your female relatives.

    You're a good metric to measure the standard lefty by.

    You're saying the quiet part out loud; namely that the issue with Trump isn't that he was bad, it's that he was uncouth. After all, Trump simply continued policies that were in place under Obama (kids in cages, drone strikes, mass deportations); but at least Obama wasn't rude!

    It's a yuge mask-off (and then parts of the face drop off too) moment when a lefty admits that they are horrified more by working class aesthetics than they are by Pakistani weddings getting the drone strike double-tap.

    Then you're mistaken or lying, because that's what the law says.

    China paid the tariffs to keep their goods cheap in the USA. They can't afford for plants to return to the USA, because that would make it harder for them to return to China later. If a significant number of Chinese workers are left without anything to do, they'll riot since it's not like they're ever going to get married with China's gender imbalance.

    Another 4 years of more tariffs on China would cause a civil war over there. Now that their man Biden is in office, they are home free.

    Boomers own like 20% to 40% of the wealth in the USA, and millenials own 2%. When they were our age, they owned 10%.

    When the USSR fell, all of their leaders were almost as old as ours are now. Let that sink in.

    General Soleimani pioneered the use of copper-tipped shaped explosive penetrators in IEDs, which create a thermal lance of copper plasma that can penetrate tank armor and BBQ the occupants. He had it coming for a long time.

    While we shouldn't have gone into Iraq to start with, since we did we should have showed far less mercy to the enemy than we did.

    It's better not to fight a war to begin with, but if you're going to fight, fight to win. Assassination of enemy military leaders is perfectly valid. The US military leadership pissed their pants about it because they know that the Iranians believe in an eye for an eye... but our brave generals are just there for the paycheck, not to die. If you die, you can't get a "consulting" job at Lockheed-Martin as thanks for buying the useless shit our wonderful military contractors sell us, and which our congress forces the military to buy.

    The issue the military brass had with Trump is that he didn't kiss their asses and pretend that they're decent human beings who aren't screwing over the American people and especially enlisted troops. Rumsfeld had to be publicly shamed by E-3s on CNN to get the generals to advocate for anti-IED armor on humvees for fuck's sake, what makes you think anyone above O-3 gives a single solitary shit about the people they are sending to die in the deserts and mountains?

    It will never happen, there's too much money to be made inserting clauses in regulations that give money to corporations.

    Do you remember back when you could buy sudafed over the counter, even though people were using it to make meth? I do. It was a travesty, but weirdly enough it didn't stop until the mexican cartels started manufacturing ultra-pure meth at scale, which the local shake-and-bake tweakers couldn't compete with.

    Apparently the makers of sudafed lobbied congress not to regulate it's sale, and once they stopped making money from it they stopped lobbying congress. So, congress did something well after the point where it would have made a difference.

    Same for the opioid epidemic, which has killed almost a million people in the past 10 years.

    I disagree. I think that the issue is loss of community (for a ton of different reasons). The religious impulse is built into people, and if you ignore it or pretend it doesn't exist it will manifest somehow. Our current secular civic religion venerates doped-up small-time criminals that get limited by our attack-dog cops, then burns down inner cities... but only during election years.

    I'd feel better if leftists just converted to Islam or something. Anything but this cynical power-grab by the sociopaths in our government and corporate worlds.

    Not really, China actually paid the tariffs themselves to sell their products over here lmao. They literally can't afford to not buy the food we produce.

    The National Guard came through after the LAPD fled like whipped dogs, and told the Koreans that they would protect them, but they had to turn in their guns. The Koreans believed them, and then the National Guard vanished and the blacks got their revenge.

    Koreans aren't as naive as Americans, they won't make the same mistake twice.
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    Nothing close to immortality exists in this world currently. If you're afraid of death you can just say so, it's not a particularly uncommon fear. Obsessing over staving it off will only turn you into Dick Cheney.

    Either works, no need to be pedantic.

    So now you're giving "the left" ownership over all science, mathematics, and history? Thanks for the free power boost, I guess?

    Well, you're incorrect. That's all there is to say about that. There are crimes of necessity, and then there are crimes of passion/desire. Most blue collar crime falls into the former category, and most white collar crime falls into the latter category.

    Again, needlessly pedantic, but I'll let it slide.

    Indeed, and the reason they supported Trump is because he promised to shield them from all accountability. Any politician with 80% police support is one that I want nothing to do with.

    You're describing Socialism or Syndicalism, just a more de-centralized version of it. Which might work if a hard reset were to occur for whatever reason, just not as things stand now.

    Leftist policy isn't informed by any one particular individual or group, as there is no leftist political party in the US. Only center-right and far-right parties. The CIA stages a coup in any country that elects a leader left of Reagan (only being slightly hyperbolic).

    Yikes. Nothing but paranoia, ignorance, and xenophobia talking here. I can assure you that there are still plenty of straight white males who side with antifa today. Any true American is and always will be anti-fascist.

    Besides, if we were going to have anybody replace you, obviously it would be the Jews. :ha:

    Maybe a good choice for the "standard" democratic socialist, but I'm not a good representative for the thought processes of communists or anarchists.

    No, it's that he was bad. Malicious. A dumb sort of malicious, but malicious nonetheless. I shudder to think what a subtle, intelligent fascist might have been able to accomplish in his place, but then I remember that Trump wouldn't have been elected without the WWE/Nascar crowd backing him. Picking up on subtlety is not their forte.

    Or you read what you wanted to, not what I actually wrote.

    The only sources I can find for this claim are Trump quotes, so I'm gonna go ahead and chalk that one up to you drinking the Kool-Aid. The price of certain things did in fact go up for the US consumer, appliances being one of them. Matter of fact, I believe there was an exemption on the tariff for GPUs that expired just within the last month or so, and then prices immediately shot up as a result.

    Well you're right about that, I believe he called them all suckers and losers, and he had particular disdain for anybody who had died in the line of duty. Odd that so many more military votes went to Biden in 2020, right?

    If I were to speculate, Trump probably believes that the wrong side won in WW2, just as many of his supporters do.

    Well, this dates back all the way to the very beginning. When parishioners were mostly illiterate, priests would take advantage of that to increase their own wealth and power within the community. Like I said, it's just much easier now and possible to reach a much wider audience. There aren't nearly as many people that are outright illiterate, but there are still far too many who lack critical thinking skills entirely.
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    So people behaving as they have for hundreds of thousands of years - behaving as living things do, desiring to reproduce and care for their progeny - is obsessing over staving off death?

    Pretty odd how all your lefty hot takes fly in the face of biological reality.

    Besides that, the "y r u fraid of deff huh" bit is just an internet tough guy pseudo-flex. You'll notice that Christians have no problem being martyred when all other hope of victory is exhausted, and especially when martyrdom is how our enemies defeat themselves. The behavior of Biden et al - pretty clearly shows he intends to martyr a bunch of dumb boomers and larpers who were let into the capital by police, walked around, disrespected ARE SACRED POLITICOS offices, and shitposted about it on the internet while some antifa/feds goaded them and filmed it.

    The tough guy bit is especially dumb when the Biden regime is worried that Secret Service - men whose job is to dive in front of bullets, no matter who is in charge - might be loyal to Trump and counter-coup Biden because apparently they all voted Trump. Same goes for them bringing in the fatties who are being processed out of the national guard to protect them, then fretting about their loyalties and taking away their ammo while they stand around impotently.

    I'm not sure if it's political theater, or if it's guilt. It certainly isn't real fear, because the dummies who were invited into the capitol to walk around were threats to no one but themselves.

    For a group that prides themselves on their verbal acumen you sure have Reddit-tier vocabularies. Your posts read like something from a Stephen King novel.

    Do you mean the proven science that the Left wanted us to believe in February 2020 was that we didn't need masks and "it's just the flu"? And then we needed to shut everything down and wear what amounts to a t-shirt over our face to protect against something that would kill us all?

    Or maybe you're talking about how we need to take a vaccine which harms 23 out of every 1000 people that take it, to protect against a virus that kills 5 out of every 10,000 that get it?

    Wait, maybe you mean we need to take a vaccine despite the vaccine's providers and the media telling us that we'll still need to lock down, it won't protect us from the virus, it won't stop the spread of the virus, and we'll still need to wear masks?

    Now we all wait for your inevitable snide, sneering remarks; or maybe your feigned outrage and moral hysteria.

    Besides all of the above, if the Left is always right about the science then why don't they let anyone use the scientific method to verify their claims? Why do they deplatform those who want open debate (which is part of the scientific method) if they are the party of science?

    The answer: because they're just using the word "science" as a weapon against the fellow citizens they see as enemies, and all they want it power (largely because they are useless for anything else).

    That's not even an argument, you're just responding with a non-sequitur. Do you even do research, or read what your "enemies" write? I do. I know all your arguments inside and out.

    Actually I'm describing what a pre-modern society without a class of stationary bandits (nobility) is like, but go off. Maybe we can convince you to form a healthy society if we put stickers on it that say "soshulizum"... though such a society only existing when everyone is well armed might not be to your liking.

    If you look at the CIA recruiting website it's all about diversity and inclusion, with pictures of woke mullattas (and of course their hair, gotta discuss that), gay men, asian women (who exclusively date white men), and various other diverse people who all look the same.

    You need to stop thinking in terms of left vs right. That dichotomy no longer matters. Trump was part of a political realignment - which is also present as AMLO in Mexico, Orban in Hungary, Salvini in Italy, and so on - where one party becomes the party of the working and middle class, and the other one becomes the party of corporations, bankers, the ultra-wealthy 0.1%, their servants, and those who are totally dependent on the government to survive.

    That a populist revolt manifests as right-wing to you should make you reconsider what left and right actually mean.

    Who's paranoid? It's gonna be awesome for me! I get to chill out and lay around while y'all's infrastructure falls apart from neglect! I don't gotta to do shit, man - just gotta wait y'all out.

    So you're saying that antifa is almost exclusively white?

    That matches with my impressions. However I see lots of Mexicans on the right. Cubans too - never met a Cuban that voted Democrat.

    Funny thing about Mexicans and Hispanics in general - they're naturally fascists. Seeing how they stood up and voted for Trump in 2020 really changed my opinion of them, and I'm glad to have them on my side... even if they are a little too extreme for me in many cases.

    Besides, I'm not sure it's possible to be straight when no one wants to sleep with you and you need to pretend to be a feminist to get a crumb of pussy.

    That's funny, all summer this past year antifa was telling us that the USA and all Americans are vile, evil racists, and that the USA needs to be torn down. Do you really think we're dumb enough to miss that?

    Sorry, this doesn't jibe with reality. Jews less religious than the Orthodox disproportionately marry outside the tribe, especially female Jews. Those that don't, often don't have any kids at all... the childless Jewish journalist is so common they're almost a trope by now.

    Modernity has affected Jews much more severely than it has Europeans.

    The ones in Israel reproduce just fine, but they are totally dependent on the USA to defend them against Iran. Should Iran discover that you can easily/cheaply make hundreds of thousands of maritime drones (autonomous or remote controlled) armed with explosives to destroy US Navy cruisers and carriers, Israel would be in something of a pickle.

    The same is true of autonomous aerial drones that drop white phosphorus grenades on the ships, tanks, artillery, ammo/fuel depots, and oil infrastructure in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE. That would end with Iran taking hundreds of thousands of American troops hostage, thereby ensuring that neither the USA, Israel, or any of the USA's allies could strike at Iran or Hezbollah.

    To my knowledge only China makes such drones currently. Good thing for Israel that China has absolutely no military or economic ties to Iran, or any reason to see Israel (a close military ally in the middle east, who helps contain China) defeated.

    Can you imagine how it would feel to finally get Britain and then the USA to establish a state for you, in the homeland that you rode into and genocided the Philistines for as per your holy book, only to be denied it less than a century later and once again set loose to wander? Sad! But at least Russia has set aside the Jewish Autonomous Oblast for them; they can go back there and learn how to farm and work very hard to support themselves, without being dependent on anyone but themselves.

    I have no problem with anyone based on their religion. Stephen Miller is about as Jewish as they come, and I'd hide him in my attic if he asked.

    Well the best thing to do then would be to telegraph that you intend to genocide them as payback for supporting Trump, right? Surely nothing could go wrong there!

    Look at China's behavior, it's pretty obvious given how they acted and the reports of them running low on foreign currency.

    Weird how the left claims that:
    1. War is bad, evil, and no good at all. Especially the Vietnam war. Only fascists went to fight, and they're baby killers! It's morally permissible to do anything to avoid going!
    2. Anyone who tried to avoid getting their nuts blown off in the Vietnam war is a coward or evil!

    You're just saying that because you think I'm dumb enough to fall for it, and you have no skills whatsoever except manipulating the meanings of words.

    1. No one won WWII, it was L's all around. We'd all be better off if it never happened. If the Poles and French hadn't been itching for a rematch, if Britain wasn't run by incompetents, and if Hitler and his "elite" Nazis weren't completely retarded, it never would have happened. Millions of Jews would still be alive, though most of them wouldn't be living in Germany today.
    2. Given that Germany created the Haavara Agreement and was following through with it before Allied bombing destroyed German supply lines and made it moot (leaving Germany with a bunch of people they were ideologically inclined to get rid of, and with no ability to simply expel them), we'd all be in the exact same position we're in today. There'd be a few million more Jews and Gypsies around, and a hell of a lot more Europeans, but otherwise I don't see much changing.

    I think you're projecting rabbinical behavior towards their followers onto Christians (barring the behavior of the highly centralized Catholic church, which has always been a shitshow and somehow keeps chugging along despite it). Religious authorities lived within easy lynching distance of their parishioners, and they couldn't possibly protect themselves 24/7/365. There are numerous reports in the historical record of corrupt clerics being killed, beaten, driven out of an area, and robbed by pissed off peasants. That there are so many reports belies the point; it happened often enough that they had plenty of incentives not to be shitheads. You don't hear about a good priest, only the bad ones.

    Besides that, as bad as Catholic priests are, school teachers have higher rates of sexual offenses than they do. Should we ban public schooling? (Yes.)


    All your posts operate on the assumption that I'm David Duke. You're really showing your ass to the audience by responding to the image of the Trump voter that exists only in your head, rather than the one you could easily see if you read what I write.

    Neuroticism doesn't make allies.
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  13. Xzi

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    Dec 26, 2013
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    Yeah...I'm bored of this conversation now that all your posts are boiling down to several paragraphs worth of insults, conspiracy theories, bullshit, and revisions of statements I've already responded to. I can get my fill of all that on 4chan if I so desire, guess I was a fool to expect better of conservatives anywhere on the web. Your ego is ridiculously over-inflated, your religion is no better than any other, and it's clear you've abandoned the teachings of Christ like most Trump supporters anyway. Good day, sir.
  14. Deleted User

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    I accept your surrender ;)

    Just in time for Joe Biden to shut down oil from Canada. I hope you like $4 for a gallon of oil again!


    Can you imagine how much oil will cost when Iran shuts down oil shipping through the Gulf of Aden, and overruns the Arabian peninsula?

    I am going to enjoy my NEETdom in the "reeducation" camps as AOC calls it. Can't wait to chill out with my Twitter bros, shitpost IRL to the guards (maybe bang one or two of the cuter ones, since you know they'll have women guarding us), and watch the American empire shit the bed.
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