The five stages of NX

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    Behind a screen reading news
    "I don't care about leaks and rumors. I just want the news" -denial

    "I can't believe they haven't said anything! WHAT ARE THEY DOING"- Anger

    "I don't even need an announcement, just an announcement of an announcement please." -Bargaining

    "Damnit Nintendo, they always screw this up. It's over. They're so done." - Depression

    "Screw it. I'm loving the insanity this is providing. This is great! News tomorrow!" - Acceptance.
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    nx is dead next
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    1: A new Nintendo console? I hope they learned from their past mistakes.
    2: A "hybrid" between what and what? Okaaay, that doesn't have to be bad, I can see a few possible implementations that could work.
    3: ...Aaaand you didn't choose any of them.
    4: "We don't want to focus on graphics or specs or hardware or resources or competing with other gaming platforms..."
    5: Please stop talking please *Linkin Park's "One step closer" plays on repeat in head*
    6: "We will focus on an innovative new mechanic that will enhance the gaming experience and allow for a number of new gameplay mechanics..."
    7: Oh?
    8: "...But we won't commit to it or create games that show it off, we'll just do it half way and then abandon it once the console is out."

    7: [​IMG]
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