The EU and Greece's situation

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by VVoltz, Feb 14, 2012.

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    I read that things got really. really chaotic there, it seems the situation is becoming unsustainable. On one side the country owes a LOT of money but seems that they really have no other option as there seems no "Central Bank" for them to print money, I also read that if they don't take drastic measures they could end up being expropriated from their own possessions.

    Seems that corruption and tax evasion is really bad there, they say that is one of the reasons government doesn't have the steady income it should but obviously the government wants to remain in the EU at all costs but the costs could seem too high for the population, is that true, what do you think?

    Any Greeks here in the forum?
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    The EU crysis is pretty much affecting several member countries atm, but the one in the worst situation is without a doubt Greece... Worst thing is, the European Union already helped and gave them money, they even cut some of their debts, but the country is still in a pretty bad shape, most of the politicians there don't really seem to give a damn (from what my Greek friends tell me), which makes the situation much worse. The fact that the Euro is pretty strong monetary wise doesn't really help... Worst case scenario is for them to abandon Euro and leave the EU, it'd fix some of their problems, but they'd get other problems in return, like business with other member countries becoming expensive and stuff...
    My country is also in a crysis of sorts, but the EU seems pretty content with our progress (prime minister increasing taxes like hell and reducing salaries) but although that makes money for the country it doesn't make the people happy. =S

    Edit: Spain, Ireland, Italy and France are also in a somewhat bad situation I believe (Spain being even worse than Portugal from what I recall reading on the economy newspaper)
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    It isn't encouraging to see the world's economic recovery essentially held hostage by this crisis (after all, if the European Union suffers, everyone is going to feel the aftershocks). Unfortunately, this appears to be a situation without any easy solution or end in sight; I can understand why so many in Greece are frustrated.

    I'm keeping my eye on the situation and hoping for the best, but it certainly doesn't look like it will improve any time soon.
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