The Double-Standards of Miiverse

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The concept of having a Nintendo social community really seemed like a great idea but now that's it been out for a couple of years, it's clear that it's nothing more than a community managed by incompetents. And you may ask, double-standards? Yes.

Miiverse in itself does have a lot of potential but the people in charge of it have made it to make a terrible social app, first of all it's known that most of its users are kids-teens than adults though at the same time they're OK with violent screenshots but sexual compliments/jokes? That's a no-no.

Let me just give you an example, these screenshots below would be perfectly fine to post on Miiverse but if you were to say a female drawn character had a "nice rack" (which by the way I wrote this on a drawing at the Project Zero 5 Community) it would be reported and the admins would remove it before you know. Now, to the screenshots (from Call of Duty: Black Ops II) but due to being a bit too graphic (again, double-standards) it's in a spoiler box.



This is just one of Miiverse many problems but as a Nintendo gamer it's very disappointing that they're not able to handle the community properly. I say, if there's graphic content then make sure that user has the appropriate age to see if not then don't enter. I really wish Miiverse's staff would be fired and replaced with people who actually appreciate the good that the community could do.

By the way, this feels just like politics. :(
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Saiyan Lusitano

Message to nintendo : devote more time on games and less time on this shitty miiverse. I can't remember the last time I stumbled into a miiverse thread on the wii u.
Mario Maker kinda requires it for online use with its custom stages, does it not?

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