the different kind of slot 1 cards

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    the different kind of slot 1 cards:

    this list assembles the clone cards I know of, please keep in mind that there are also clone cards out there which look like the original cards and even use their firmware, they are not listed separately in this compilation.

    I also know this listing is not complete, there are more cards out there, but I didn't have the chance to examine them until now, so if you have additional information about other cards, feel welcome to share your research and experience.

    this list is exclusively posted to and forums, of which I am a member for quite some time now, but didn't post a lot in the past. I felt like it was time to contribute something to these great communities which helped me a lot of times finding answers to my questions.

    you may link to this post, but please don't republish it.


    R4 DS and its clones:

    M3 DS Simply
    N5 DS
    R4 i.L.S. a)
    R4 II Upgrade
    R4 III New Upgrade
    R4 NDSL Revolution 3 l)
    R4 SDHC l)
    R4i SDHC l)

    a) they have also an updated firmware online which works on the original R4 DS
    l) these cards come all from the same factory/producer and are more or less identical


    AceKard, AceKard Plus, AceKard R.P.G., AceKard 2, AceKard 2.1, AceKard 2i and their clones:

    R4 Ultra
    R4i Advance
    R4i Deluxe
    R4i Gold b)
    R4i Pro (red label)
    R4i Super b)
    R4i Ultra

    b) these cards are identical, coming from the same factory


    DSTT, DSTTi and their clones:

    CN-DSTT c)
    DSTT Advance m)
    DSTTi Upgrade (blue card)
    M3 Adaptes d)
    M3i Upgrade d)
    M3L Upgrade d)
    Neoflash TTDS c)
    R4 III SDHC Upgrade
    R4 SDHC Upgrade
    R4 Top
    R4i Gold Pro
    R4i SDHC Upgrade
    R4i Upgrade
    U2 DS

    c) these cards claim to be original, the fake detector also identifies them as original
    d) despite what the card claims, Sakura OS will not work on this card
    m) surprise: this card has a better compatibility than the original


    EZ-Flash V, EZ-Flash V New Year Edition, EZ-Flash V Plus, EZ-Flash Vi and their clones:

    R4i f)
    R4i Hyper e)

    e) this card uses a hacked EZ-Flash V 2.0 beta OS
    f) not 100% sure if this is an EZ-Flash clone, but has same compatibility like EZ-Flash V


    M3 DS Real, M3i Zero and clones:

    iTouch 2 (M3) (different firmware) g)
    iTouchDS (M3) (different firmware) g)
    M3 Sakura (pink label .jp only) g)
    R4 SDHC (M3) (iTouch clone) g)
    R4i SDHC (M3) (iTouch clone) g)
    R4i SDHC & RTS (M3) (iTouch clone) g)

    g) all these cards are produced by M3 Adapter team


    N-Card and its clones:

    DS Fire Link i)
    DSLinker Ex h) i)
    DSLinker h) i)
    F-Card i)
    Neoflash K6 i)
    R4 DS 2GB i) http:// ?

    h) produced by Supercard team
    i) all these cards are using the same Firmware and OS as the original N-Card


    Supercard DS One v1, v2, v3, Supercard DS One i

    iPlayer j)

    j) not a real clone, but seems to be produced by Supercard team


    Ninjapass X9TF


    CycloDS Evolution and its clones:

    Edge k)

    k) looks like a CycloDS clone without the ingame rts and cheat function


    Neoflash R6 Gold, Neoflash R6 Silver
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    1. M3 Simply isn't really a clone, while it is basically a copy of the R4 it was just released by M3 so that they could keep up and have enough money until they released the M3 DS Real, it still got regular updates.

    2. The M3 has their own clones that aren't made by them, they don't have a specific name it's just the M3 DS Real but crappier (I guess?) the website on the box of the clone either say or

    3. I know you say that all of the listed things under M3 is made by the M3 team but they're most definitely not clones the itouches are budget cards for people who can't afford the M3 Real of M3i Zero it's nothing like the M3 Real of M3i Zero and is almost not associated with it at all besides that it is also made by the M3 Team so it cannot be called a clone. M3 Sakura is also not very much a clone it was just what they used to release the M3 Sakura firmware. I understand that they may have the same type of physical build as the M3 and alot of shared similar properties but that doesn't automatically mean they're clones that's just cheaper because the M3 Team already had those cart shells to use.

    4. The R4's by the M3 team aren't clones either they're official just look:

    5. You might wonna make one section for real carts and one section for actual clones
  3. PettingZoo

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    in the trap
    I agree with DeltaBurnt, you really need to do more research and edit the OP.
  4. tmbscoopex

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    Jul 31, 2006
    I don't exactly understand, can you describe your idea a bit further? would be interested to improve the list.

    Thanks for your feedback, it's very welcome.
  5. DeltaBurnt

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    Feb 21, 2009
    United States
    Where intellect matters
    Well I think you should do something like this:

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