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    Sep 25, 2007
    First note

    If you like Stephen King for his horror stories this might not appeal you. Its not a horror story

    I started reading this when I was 14, and it took me 2 years for the first book and I didnt even finish it. Its the smallest book of the series but the hardest to read in my opinion.

    The other books I devoured one after the other untill I had to wait for release day. Never have I stood in front of a bookshop at 8am and ditched school to get a new book.

    The books follow Roland Deschain of Gilead, the last gunslinger in a world that has moved on.

    He starts out following The Man in Black throughout the desert.

    He meets up with several key characters in the first book so make sure you read it even if you find it boring!
    In the second book he meets up with the rest of his future ka-tet. Both having their respective issues.

    Im not delving more into the story itself because I dont want to ruin your fun [​IMG]

    The series for me is one to enjoy several times over diffrent ages. I finished it the first time a few years ago and thought it was a brilliant fantasy story.
    Now Im reading it again and its still the best books Ive ever read fantasy wise but now that Im older, have a family and learned more about our own world Im starting to find my own philosophies in the series and Ive taken so much in from the series that they have become my bible for life.

    You can percieve the books as a western fantasy in a world not unlike our own but one that has moved on and it still moving on.

    The main story is that Roland is in search of the Dark Tower. A tower that is in the center of the universe of his and all worlds, including our own. He doesnt know what is there or what he will do when he gets there but he will do anything to achieve his goal including betrayel, murder and several other things he doesnt like to do but he must.

    We read about how his old life his, how he and his comrades battle and die. About how he betrays people close to his heart and how he becomes the youngest 'man' Gilead has ever known.

    This series is a must for any Stephen King fan, who should already know it!, and any western and/or fantasy lover.

    As Stephen King said, The Dark Tower is his Holy Grail, his Magnum Opus and in an interview he reveiled more books are coming quote "It's not really done yet. Those seven books are really sections of one long über-novel."

    To those who read more of his stories the similarities and familiraties will be astounding because it would seem all of his stories revolve, intertwine or take part in this series.

    Like I said a must read!
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    "The Man in Black fled across the desert,
    and the Gunslinger followed"

    Such an excellent story.
    Such a HORRIBLE end-book.

    Seriously, friend: just make up your own ending after book 6. Book 7 reads like horrible fanfiction.

    The best of the entire series is book 4 (Wizard and Glass) which has a corresponding graphic novel. I highly recommend you look it up.

    Death for you, Life for your crops. (Charyou Tree)

    Addendum: Aren't Michael Whelan's illustrations of mid-world incredible?

    Second Addendum: Did you read the original or the revised edition of Book 1? If you've not yet seen the revised edition, I seriously suggest you look for it, if only for the newer version of Jake's hypnotization.

    Third Addendum: More than half of King's books have a connection to the Dark Tower. Especially The Stand, Insomnia, Desperation/The Regulators, Eyes of the Dragon, and Hearts in Atlantis
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    Sep 25, 2007
    I know the ending SUCKS but then again King did say he's not done with the series so maybe he has some ideas... I hope so >_>

    Ill look up that graphic novel one

    And I have read the revised one I think but no clue and I love the artwork Ive seen.. gonna get a tattoo of the Dark Tower I reckon [​IMG]
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