The Daily Star apologizes to Rockstar Games

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    Britain's Daily Star has apologized to Rockstar Games after one of the most absurd controversies in living memory, and has had particular resonance in British industry. The paper was invented, in a report published last week, Rockstar Games to release a GTA inspired by a recent British crime, entitled Grand Theft Auto: Rothbury.

    The game, the paper said, was to follow in the footsteps of the murderer, Raoul Moat, and the British newspaper published a story on the assumption that the game was in progress, publishing a false cover of the title and talking to people involved in the crime for see what they thought. And, of course, charging lack of scruples of Rockstar Games.

    Rockstar compensation will donate to charity.

    Source: Kotaku

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    This is pretty typical of the daily star ... saying that most of their readers have the intellect of a 5 year old. A lot of them can't even read, they just look at the pretty pictures ...
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    Credit to Rockstar for donating the damages money to charity. Nice to see that not everybody is a money hungry greedy bastard these days. I salute you, Rockstar. Now give me a job [​IMG]

    As for the Daily Star, it's a paper aimed primarily at the retarded portion of the nation who can't handle anything intellectual, preferring to read streams of bullshit and pointless celebrity gossip to further rot their brains and enhance their chances of gaining their fifteen minutes of fame by appearing on Jeremy Kyle.

    I was gonna post this link on my Facebook page but it's being a whore and won't let me post links. Fucking stupid modern technology.
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    What do people expect from a conservative rag? Par for the course.