The Crew PS4/XBOXONE Beta Signups Available Now

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    FORZA CLONE The Crew, Ubisoft's ambitious open world racing game has recently revved up it's beta program on PC. While all 6 of those U-Play users are having fun with that Beta, most console owners have been sitting back waiting for their turn to shred their tires on the open road. Well rest assured, Ubisoft has announced that at the end of the month you can drive to your hearts content. Until then, be sure to sign up for the open registration available here.​

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    The FPS is so short you might as well call this The Crew Cut.

    ...That's it, I've got nothin' else.
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    No offense but that is one of the most uninteresting ads I've seen in a while
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    Well I must be one of the 6 people that's played on PC then - massive world, I've personally never tried it but getting from coast to coast apparently takes around 40-45 minutes. Looks the part too..... The actual driving itself though..... n-n-not exactly Forza Horizon!! 'Tis but a Beta though, might get tweaked.... Anyroad, fancy another do at this on my downstairs telly so signed up for the Xbone beta on my lads account :D
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