The Console Wars Aren't even started

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    well the X360 is lookin good and the wii has a certain cheap appeal to mothers buying their kids a console and the uber expensive PS3 is well expensive. But as far as i'm concerned its gonna be at least a year or more until the PS3 delivers a truly next gen game just becuase it is totally different programming architecture come on guys the games are really ugly now compared to what they are gonna be like in a year or 2. The same as the X360 oblivion wasn't next gen it was just really really nice to look at the only game i have seen on X360 to be worthy of next gen is Gears of War which is a excellent example of next gen. and for the wii well its using the hardware programmers are already famililar with so ur not gonna see anything to flashin Zelda:TP is nice though, but the wii does have a unique interactivity. So folks before u start flamin and becoming silly fanboys just wait ur gonna be amazed by the competion thats coming in the future. oh yeah what do u folks think?(don't be biased please)
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    To put it simple:

    XBox360 and PS3 over the same we already know: gamepad controls with analog-sticks and perhaps rumble pack and polished up graphics => nothing new.

    Revolution presents new controller to experiment with a new sort of game control => this is something new.

    Games should not be taken as comparison as this is not a problem of the consoles but the developers.

    I guess now anybody can judge for himself what is "really" interesting and what not.
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    Sep 8, 2006
    The only thing I consider next gen is the Wii.
    PS3 and 360 are too similar to their previous versions.. :/
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    Increased processing power can also be deemed as something new, because developers will be able to do things in video games that they've never been able to do before because of processing limits.

    Remember when HL2 came out? They way they integrated physics into the game was revolutionary! More evolutions like that will be brought about by processing power.

    The Wii is concentrated on evolving a user's input into a video game. The controller is their claim to next gen.

    Nintendo is doing something different to the other two, but they are all making next gen consoles that present something new to the player.

    But back on topic, I agree that it's too early to comment on the 'next gen' as we haven't seen what all three consoles can really do yet.
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    Nov 11, 2006
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    My personal (and sad) opinion is that the PS3 will be the winner in the end. Not because it`s amazing, not because it`s a new experience, but because people will continue to buy it and it`s games. The 360 will continue on as usual in the US market, and rise a bit in the Japanese market as the people who want high definition will pick it up to protest Sony - but it will never win over the PS3 here.
    And the Wii.... As much as I think it`s great, I don`t control any large chunk of the population and cannot influence them to purchase it. I see a fate similar to that of the GC, lots of people owning it, but not that many games out. Why? Because with the added dimension in playing it will take more to make a successful game, so it is doomed to get a lot of 3rd party flops. They will no doubt make the console itself look bad. In the end, the opinion of a party or kid`s machine will probably stick and the games that appear will only end up supporting that and making it true.

    Just my opinion, but in working with Japanese firms and translating various things, I believe it is most likely accurate.
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    Me, To You
    But if make a game for thw Wii is hard -I remember a video that shows the opposite [​IMG]- make a game for the PS3 is EXPENSIVE and that may be harder for the companies...right? [​IMG]
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    I would agree with you about the PS3 coming out on top, if it weren't for the very steep price. I think that'll be what shoots it in the foot, unless they can put together some value-added packages, or make price cuts pretty quick.

    As for your point about...
    I felt exactly that way about the DS's touch screen. It just seemed to scream "gimmick" to me when it first came out. I figured nobody would implement it in more than a cursory way. In the end though, that gimmick expanded the possibility of fresh games more than hampering it (3rd party flops notwithstanding.)

    The DS also cost a lot less than the PSP, and if I can invoke the "as above, so below" rule, I'd say the Wii has more than a fighting chance to at least hold it's own against the PS3 for similar reasons.

    Of course, it's very late here and I'm quite sleepy, so, grain of salt and all that. [​IMG]
  8. Kaphis

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    Aug 20, 2006
    the way I see it..I am kinda looking at the big picture...

    the PS3 is advertised to be good for 10 yeras rite?...I would imagine that...

    PS3 and Xbox360 will remind the powerhorse of microsoft and sony...where as nintendo can come out with something maybe 6 yeras? 7 years? down the road....if nintendo comes out wiht anothre system before sony or microsoft, they might be able to win back the gaming community of they can keep their price range as it is rite now
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    well, the xbox has finally started to shape up in my eyes, I doubt the PS3 will ever appeal to me, but I think it will take a year or so for the ps3 to start coming through for its fans, the wii however has zelda right off the bat to hold fans over until they can start using the wii to its full potential.

    by definition the next gen started when the 360 launched, but its only really started to be embraced now
  10. azndragonguy115

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    Nov 24, 2005
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    next gen doesnt matter!

    fun matters :]

    wii = fun
    ps3 = expensive fun
    360 = slightly less expensive fun

  11. tshu

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    Sep 21, 2005
    I can't believe you only use a period twice in that entire post I had such a hard time reading it because everything you said just sort of blurred together without any sort of punctuation what the hell is going on it is time for me to go to bed what do you guys think is lionel richie hot or what i think he is a really cool guy he is a cool guy okay I am going to put a period on the end of this right now and end it here hopefully before this gets too out of hand oh and by the way I think we will have to wait a year or so before we start seeing games that truly take advantage of all three of the consoles individual strengths.
  12. Tamyu

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    Nov 11, 2006
    Just outside Nagoya, Japan
    Next-Gen may not matter to most of us who only care about the fun, but it DOES matter to a large chunk of the gaming demographic. I`m sure you`ve all encountered the "If it isn`t full 1080p, it`s not worth playing!!!!!" types. Even in the Japanese market, where gameplay is number 1, a lot of people are worried about Wii. Mostly because they want it to succeed, but don`t know if it will.
    I never really doubted the DS, mainly because the PSP is so weak to begin with, and plagued with all sorts of problems. (We had one, it broke almost immediately. Traded it in for another whose buttons didn`t work.... And then our third had a LCD problem whenever you pressed the nearest button.) Nintendo is and probably always will be king of the portable hill as more children use portables than adults... And the children oriented games flock to Nintendo.

    With the Wii however, it`s not a portable system. (I`d much rather carry it around than a PS3, but that`s a totally different topic) Parents are most likely going to play around on it too - So it makes it a harder sale than the DS. I have no doubt the system itself will sell well, but I worry about whether there will be enough good games coming out to keep the good games on the system. Game makers tend to make games for the system that looks like it will sell the most. If 3rd party Wii games are lackluster and sell poorly, a game that might be amazingly successful probably will not want to take the risk, and instead will release on a different console.

    When I say that Wii games are difficult to make, I don`t mean it in a technical sense - I mean it in a design sense. Because the controls on the Wii are so different than other systems a lot of thought has to be given into designing the in game control. Simply using the remote capabilities as a gimmick will get the game nowhere. The designers have to keep this in mind when they are making the game... Which makes it harder as they will need to think outside the realm of what they`re used to (Static controls).
    The production costs for the PS3 are high right now, but they will quickly fall as more third party development tools become available. By next year I imagine the production costs will be pretty much even for all the consoles... Which is why I worry. If the 3rd party developers screw up in the first months of the Wii, it could really be devastating for the future of the console.
  13. Zaraf

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    Sep 23, 2005
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    Did you purposely write like this to prove your point? [​IMG] lol

    Anyway, I personally think that we're going to see a similar situation happening with the PS3 vs Wii as we saw with the PSP vs. DS, namely, the Wii coming out on top.

    Developers have already said that the Wii is quite easy for them to develop for, and now, all we need to wait for is the imagination of the developers to flourish. I can see a lot of developers jumping on the Wii bandwagon simply because of the new experience they can become involved in.

    As for the PS3...Sony has become cocky with thier high price console, difficult to develop for, and not to mention their high royalites that they charge to developers. Sony is making the same mistakes that Nintendo did during their SNES days, and look at what happened to Nintendo after that. But Sony is at a further disadvantage in that they do not have any first party software developing, while Nintendo does, and that managed to keep their boat afloat.

    And like the UMD, Sony is introducing a new recordable media, the Blu-Ray. I really have no idea how this will do, but if it is more expensive than DVD-HD, then it will probably flop like UMD [​IMG] Anyway, I hope Sony dies [​IMG]
  14. Veho

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    Apr 4, 2006
    I agree with everything Tamyu said, but I have something to add. The biggest problem with the new set of controls isn't that developers won't be able to think of ways to use them, but that they will concentrate solely on them. In thinking about Wii, people seem to forget that it also has the Classic controller available, supports Gamecube controllers, and all it takes to turn the Wiimote into an old-school controller is to turn it 90 degrees. All that people think about when it comes to the Wii is that Wiimote can point at things (duh).

    And that's a problem. If they treat the Wii like a one-trick-pony, then when the trick gets old, the Wii is doomed. If they concentrate on the Wiimote, the games will be little more than the Flash-based homebrew click-fests that we see every day. And while such click-fests can be tons of fun (Insaniquarium), they can't keep the player's attention after the novelty factor wears out (Wow, in this game you try to bomb Saddam! Wow, in this game you have to hit Christina Aguilera with a rotten tomato! LOLzorz!!).

    The DS faced (and still faces) a very similar problem. People don't seem to see past the touch screen, and forget that it has a whole set of classic controlls. Yet all the games concentrate solely on the touch screen. This is fine and well, but one of the best DS games (MarioKart) doesn't even use the touch screen. And while we're on the subject of not having a touch screen, the PSP is doing well, too. The DS is doing fine, and developers are getting used to the touch screen being an excelent enhancement to gameplay, but in no way the only way of playing. The Wii still has a long way ahead.

    Once developers snap out of the "Look, Ma, it points" phase, and realise that Wii has 80% the processing power of the Xbox360, wireless networking, Internet connectivity, the classic controller everyone knows and loves, SD card reader, and on top of all that, the Wiimote, that's when the really great games will be made.

    I just hope it's soon enough.

    Go Wii !! [​IMG]
  15. Tamyu

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    Nov 11, 2006
    Just outside Nagoya, Japan
    Veho, you made some excellent points. I think that developers will work too hard to shove the remote in where it really isn`t needed, just because if it`s on the Wii - it has to use it, right?
    The GBA was already well established when the DS came out, so there was a huge library of back-compatible titles available. Once the DS came along, there was no real reason to buy a GBA instead. Unfortunately, while the GC has some really wonderful games, there just aren`t enough of them for that sort of effect. Plus, the GC is already "finished" as a console.

    There are quite a few DS games that don`t seem to be using the touch screen... Or at least don`t NEED to use the touchscreen. That is what I`d like to see with the Wii - the option to use the remote, say on the menus, but not as a requirement. Especially since the Classic controller is so nice to use.

    A point I forgot to address in my previous message - The price of the PS3. Yes, it is expensive. But not so expensive that it can`t be justified. If you spent $3000 or more on a wonderful television, the price of the PS3 is within the range of reason - especially as it *will* drop eventually. The Wii has a great starting price, and I sincerely hope that it achieves enough of a market saturation to win out over the others, but... In all honesty I doubt it will.
    I`m just hoping that the Wii will draw in the mother demographic that the DS has (in Japan at least). If the mothers are on our side, things will be much better - if a bit saturated with interactive cookbooks and brain training softs.

    It`s awful to really support a console but not be blinded by fandom. I`d love to be oblivious to the reality of the market so that I could splurge all my love on the Wii... It`s a bit hard when you *cough* *cough* rely on the game world to make a living *cough* *cough*
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    Theres also this other thing that will affect the end of this console war. Microsoft has claimed that its console will only have a 5 year life cycle could be shorter and i'm sure the wii will only have 5 or 6 years but sony has claimed that its console will have at least a 10 year life cycle and by the 6th year it will be as cheap as dirt and still wowing everyone that sees its power. that is also something to ponder because the next next gen is gonna be way over the price of the now released PS3 and doing only the same things
  17. ruffryder_ash

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    I'd love to see the Wii do really well and all but with the poor showing the Gamecube had wouldn't that leave nintendo in bad shape with third parties? i might just get a DS i'm sure to get good games and its portable and innovative
  18. Costello

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    Oct 24, 2002
    It is the same kind of people who bought a PSP, bragged around with their beautiful toy, and found themselves selling it a few months later (out of boredom) to make money for a DS.
  19. Elrinth

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    Nov 6, 2002
    no problem the wii is appealing here in europe... [​IMG]
    it's "fake" low cost is appealing (it isn't cheap!!)...
    The xbox360 core system is 200 SKR cheaper than a Wii. about $25 cheaper.
    So the x360 is really appealing too... But I think Wii is most appealing because of it's virtual console and wiimote. The fact ps3 was delayed in europe will make more people buy wii.

    I have no idea how japan will do, but we'll just wait and see... Final Fantasy 13 and Metal Gear Solid 4 are both PS3 titles, which will be PS3:s main selling games. Oh unless they release some touch the girl skirt game. [​IMG]
  20. Harsky

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    Aug 2, 2004
    For the first time, I actually saw a Wii advert in the UK today. No gameplay footage, just a hand using the wiimote and some noises in the background.