1. MakeMake

    OP MakeMake A very squishy IT ghost.

    Aug 7, 2019
    United States
    Did someone make a GBA port of Cave Story, And chuck it for the DS?
    I could've made a VC inject for it!
    People could've freaked out their friends with it!
    Or put it on a GBA cart with SD-Card slot!
    That's kinda sad...
    Seriously, kudos to the guy who started though, That's gotta take some balls to do! (Especially to a kid who has notepad++ on his PC, Has the code comprehension of a dyslexic PlayStation 2 memory card for anything besides batch (or scratch if you have -30 bucks in your coding budget), and doesn't even know how ARM works, Making him tonight's big loser.)

    (Lesson: We should revive projects, Even if it means starting at Square 1 on hard mode, We all learn eventually!)
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