The Binding of Isaac - What can be done ?

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    The game has been released quite some time ago... And it still is a wonderful mess to this day, even with updates. Game crashes often, lags like hell and content is restricted to Rebirth. Therefore, I come to you with simple questions and eventual requests.

    - How can the lag and crashes be undone ? I mean, the game can surely be quite demanding resource-wise, but isn't there a way to lower the requisites so any N3DS doesn't suffer every time the game is launched, as you can do through the PC version ?
    - Is there a way to port a part of, if not complete expansions of the game ? I don't expect Afterbirth+ or Antibirth to run on it, but there may be a way for Afterbirth and/or item mod packs to be added to it, if only in order to have more fun through the game ?