Hacking The BIG DS Flashcart F.A.Q. thread!


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Nov 10, 2018
"DSi-enhanced games do no run slower on DS flashcarts".

However, more than a few DSi enhanced games run faster and better when running on a DSi or a 3DS.

That's a hardware problem not a cart problem but is worth pointing out as some DSi enhanced games slow down a lot on the DS.

Sonic Classic Collection for example is know for the slowdowns and crashes it has when playing on the DS, unless is the Sonic 1 port.

This guide recommends the R4i Gold Plus (r4ids.cn) and while I love the menu and the way it displays all the cheats for pokemon games unlike my r4i-sdhc, I can't get any of the games with piracy protection to run.
I mean, they start, yes, but the AP stuff happens.
Using DeadSkullJr's cheat database, and the AP cheats, it's still not working, i get i.e. whitescreens in heartgold and random crashes in Chrono Trigger. Both games run fine on m old r4i 3ds rts cart.

I'm running the lastest 1.64 wood firmware i could find and I just dont get if I'm missing something here.

I guess I can live with it because ultimately, I bought this just in case I needed NTR boot in the future. But I would've loved to use this new menu...

You need to run uncompressed Roms. That's the versions of the Roms that are bigger in size.

For example, Pokemon Black is 256 mb uncompressed, but beware that's the size of the Rom itself, if inside a zip or rar file it will be smaller.
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