The best NDS homebrew applications 2017

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    I've made this topic because I've been into the NDS emulation scene since around 2007/2009 towards 2013.
    Back then the scene was something amazing, I can recall spending at-leased around 7 hours a day being online communicating, helping people, making application manuals all together with other people in order to perfect the system.
    Sadly, like many other systems, they turn old and start to be forgotten or left not to be picked up again.
    Since i recently made a topic for the Nintendo Wii, and its best homebrew applications, i thought i'd put my knowledge and experiences of the NDS in this thread, as a remembrance and for people who still wish to utilize their NDS system to its fullest.

    This firmware is considered your perfect alternative no matter what base firmware you are running on your flashcard, it is open source community updated and supports almost all types of flashcards and clones, and runs allot of games.
    • Recommended to be installed besides your main firmware or as main firmware
    • Works on pretty much every flashcard you may own
    • Very high amount of game support​
    [​IMG] Main Page
    [​IMG] Download

    Wood R4
    A firmware based on the Wood RPG firmware, mainly modified for support on multiple R4 cards and DSTT cards.
    This firmware supports pretty much 99.9% of all games and has a wide support for multiple clone cards.
    • 99.9% game compatibility
    • Slick clean menu with useful utilities​
    [​IMG] Main Page
    [​IMG] Download

    A firmware designed to look slick and pretty,
    This firmware uses support from other firmware (YSMenu, Wood R4 ect.) to run games on.
    [​IMG] Main Page
    [​IMG] Download

    Alternative homebrew firmware:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    An Nintendo emulator that runs allot of NES games without issue.
    [​IMG] Download

    SnemulDS 0.6 [Revival]
    An Super Nintendo emulator that runs allot of SNES games without issue.
    This modification is based on the original SnemulDS 0.6 and is updated to support allot more SNES games.
    • There might be some layer issues in some games though.​
    [​IMG] Download

    An Game Boy Color emulator that pretty much runs every GB/GBC game you load in it.
    [​IMG] Download

    An Game Boy Advance loader to play GBA games from your slot 1 flashcard.
    This allows the usage of loading Game Boy Advance files from your flashcard.
    • Technically a hypervisor, not an emulator.​
    [​IMG] Download

    More emulators can be found on:

    An emulator for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive.
    [​IMG] Download

    An Sega (Game Gear, CBS Colecovision, Sega Master System, Sega SG-1000/SC-3000) emulator.
    [​IMG] Download

    ScummVM DS
    ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure and role-playing games.
    [​IMG] Download

    DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS allowing you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console.
    [​IMG] Download

    More emulators can be found on:

    MoonShell is a all-in-one multimedia player that allows to play and show audio, video, images and text.
    It is generally seen as a must have application for any flashcard, it also has a very proper file explorer.
    [​IMG] Download

    Back To The Firmware
    A application that makes it able to return back to your original DS firmware after loading your flashcard firmware.
    [​IMG] Download

    DiagnoSe is a DS function tester, designed to test the features of the DS.
    [​IMG] Download

    A multi-tool program combining allot of features such as storing daily and hourly memos, addresses, todo lists and simple scribbles
    Other then that it also includes an online homebrew database, includes streaming audio support, and a rudimentary web browser.
    [​IMG] Download

    ComBoX (Lilou box) is a complete communication box for your DS. It allows you to transfer files with different protocols : FTP and HTTP.
    [​IMG] Download

    Allows user to send files without router or via a DS to another without size limit.
    [​IMG] Download

    Loads retail DS ROMs & homebrew from the Nintendo DSi SD card via it's backend, nds-bootstrap.
    [​IMG] Download

    Colors! is a painting tool that lets you make beautiful images and paintings with your stylus.
    [​IMG] Download

    NitroTracker is a FastTracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS, allowing you to make music and share it across devices.
    [​IMG] Download

    Youtube DS
    Allows playing YouTube videos on your NDS (please note this program is in very early stage and might not work propperly)
    [​IMG] Download

    Aperture Science DS
    Aperture Science DS, previously known as Portal DS, is a 3D Homebrew version of the popular Portal game series.
    [​IMG] Download

    DScraft is a homebrew adaptation of the popular game Minecraft, At current state of development its about a complete adaption of Minecraft Classic.
    [​IMG] Download

    Mario Paint Composer DS
    Mario Paint Composer DS is an indirect remake of the music composer tool found in the Super Nintendo game "Mario Paint"
    [​IMG] Download

    An original puzzle/platform adventure game.
    [​IMG] Download

    Still Alive DS
    Still Alive is a 2d portal homebrew inspired game.
    Combining platforming, first person shooting, and physics based puzzle solving.
    [​IMG] Download

    Lemmings DS
    Lemmings DS is an open-source port of the classic Amiga action-puzzle game Lemmings for the Nintendo DS.
    [​IMG] Download

    Pocket Physics
    Pocket Physics is a physical construction kit for your pocket.
    You draw objects with the stylus and make them physical by pressing the play button
    [​IMG] Download

    UniqueGeeks Offline Converter
    A offline program to convert NDS Save Games for different flashcards/emulators.
    [​IMG] Main Page

    Patches NDS games to allow them to connect to a custom server, such as AltWfc in order to play online
    [​IMG] Main Page

    SD Card Formatter
    This software formats all SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards and SDXC memory cards.
    SD Card Formatter provides quick and easy access to the full capabilities of your SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.
    [​IMG] Download

    With this you can cut off unneeded data from your ROMS, making them smaller in size.
    [​IMG] Download

    I hope that this thread will help those who want definite information on applications and tools that are in current state "Best to Use" or most recommended.

    If you wish to seek more homebrew for your Nintendo DS system, you can find more on this website:
    - Please note that this site is not fully updated, thus does not have everything available

    If you have any suggestion on recommended applications, please share by posting below so we can improve on this thread.

    With this thread, let us keep the Nintendo DS alive with the best features it can possibly have.
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    This is really nice bro, I might make some threads that follow this style. ;)
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    I think you should add SRLoader to a "Loaders" list, even though it's only for DSi. :P
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    Cool, added
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    nice thread dude. keep it up.
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    Nice work man
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    Where's Win2DS?
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    Added, thank you

    I would add this but, is this even useful/used nowadays? i cant really think of anyone using this over a 40$ mobile phone with teamvieuwer.
    If you believe i'm wrong and that this should definitely be in here as "usefull" tell me and ill most likely will add it. (i want to avoid filling this topic with tons of programs that nobody would use anymore)
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    Great job! I didn't know many of these existed. I should actually add some of them. I'm just unsure if they'd work on a dsi or 3ds considering they have somewhat different wifi capabilities.
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    @CoolKill3r The link to GBARunner2 is wrong ;)
    Anything that worked on the DS will work on DSi/3DS, with some exceptions (mainly things that required slot-2 addons), you're still limited to open/WEP networks though.
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    Thx, fixed it.
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    Jan 26, 2017
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    May 4, 2015
    Maybe you could add NITROTRACKER in Useful Applications, it probably best homebrew music making tool for DS. People from chiptune comunities still buying DS just for this app alone.
    Web site:
    Direct download:
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    An mod should make this sticky.
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    There is really much stuff missing (at least I think so).
    "Best Alternative Flashcard Firmware"
    -HBMenu (at least for homebrew devs)
    -for the supercard dstwo: iMenu, blargplug
    -maybe dsision and dsi homebrew channel

    Useful Utilities
    -DSOrganize (it's relatively buggy but it has many features including one of the best homebrew webbrowsers for DS)

    Useful Applications
    -Youtube DS

    Homebrew Games
    -Portal DS
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    I'd like to add this, but its very specific to Supercard DSTWO, wich means i'd have to make a seperate part for it as i want the main page to be general for everyone to use.
    I'll most likely add a section for it later though, looks good thank you.

    Thanks allot, i've added it to the first post.

    I've added all of these with exception of iMenu, blargplug.
    Same reason as the person above, i want the topic to be generalized for everyone regardless of witch flashcard, but ill make a section for it later separately.
    Thank you for the many suggestions.
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    And DSdoom?
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    It's kind of sad, but my interests in NDS homebrew at this point are limited to "things that the 3DS can't do better" which really amounts to GBA cart dumping, and (purely thanks to lack of software support) WarioWare DIY save dumping. And that second edge case only applies to dumping the save to a GBA flashcart rather than over wi-fi...

    But you'd prolly need a DS flashcart for GBA to work, and maybe DS, too.
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    Well honestly, as where i made this same topic for the Nintendo Wii before, starting this one made me think on everything "But... all of this got replaced already by cheap altearnatives or have no need anymore".
    Everyone nowadays has a Phone that replaces all their needs for any app/homebrew the NDS might have to offer, the only thing i can see it be used for is actual gaming at this point, nonetheless i wanted to make this topic mainly for sake of having a final list for people that want to take the best out of their NDS still at this day.

    And even talking about 3ds, i suppose not everyone has or cares to buy one to replace their NDS as they have enough to play on it still or whatever, so some homebrew might still be cool to be used.
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