The 100 - Spoilers and such ahead

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  1. Clydefrosch

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    So, has anyone watched that new show, 'The 100' about a bunch of really sexy teen prisoners from the future being sent down to a post-nuclear earth to do the things one would do on such a post-nuclear earth, like making out, having dance parties and somehow feeding almost 100 kids with a single panther like animal?

    The premise of that show was mostly really great, but I was really disappointed after the first two episodes. When the first kids already died randomly on the drop to earth, I expected to see these teens die off one after the other while they get used to their new surroundings, do some surviving and such. Instead of that, we get some half assed lord of the flies thing going on, kids constantly survive what should be dangerous and terrifying moments for them. water snake monster, giant wild cat, spike traps... but besides being slightly startled, nothing happened.
    I was so hopeful when those butterflies appeared, I hoped they would dust that girl in poisonous spores or something... but they were just a background for a make out scene. where are all the deadly insects that should have thrived after the nuclear fallout?
    already in the second episode, a guy who was impaled through the chest with a spear at the end of episode one, then dragged around and hung up on a tree, somehow survives that and will probably heal up just fine by episode three. I might have missed a few seconds where they pulled out some miracle potions or whatever, but that kid should have been dead.
    then theres that crazy bellamy who apparently loves chaos and violence, but who just wont kill the people that will obviously be in his way. even if he had the perfect alibi with the spike trap.

    And the people that are still up there in space aren't any better than the kids. They have these ridiculously sophisticated wristbands that transmit all kinds of stuff, but they didnt think to add in a signal thats being sent when the damn things are being opened? they send the prison kids to check if earth was ok to go back to. but if that was all they needed to know, if it was maybe too radioactive to go back, why wouldn't they send some sensor that checks for that? why weren't the wristbands all geiger counters? I guess they could still save that part by some lame coup d'etat storyline where the vice president of the space ark just wants to stay in space forever, like that ship robot from wall-e... but it would be lazy and predictable.

    i'm almost glad I already forgot most of the show because I'm sure I could go on... but I want to hear what others thought about it. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt for another two or three episodes, maybe they just want the viewer to grow attached to that ridiculously good looking bunch before they start to slaughter them. but i somehow expect that instead of a bloody war against the 'grounders', we'll end up finding out that the people that survived the last 100 years of radiation somehow became pretty by mutation. and then we'll have more making out
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    >Watching shows on The CW

    Well, there's ya first problem.
  3. soulx

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Well Arrow's supposed to be really good.
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