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Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by callmewoof, Aug 1, 2008.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    I just got my CycloDS [​IMG] in the mail today (thank you; also, free screen protector! Woot indeed [​IMG] ). This whole past week I've been lurking around here, absorbing whatever info I could find since this is my first flashcart experience. I wanted to thank whoever is responsible for creating this great website. And to all the insightful, friendly, awesome forum posters whose help has been, well, helpful. Also to the people smart enough to create Trimmers, which has saved me over 378mb space on my 2gb card ( [​IMG] I already feel the urge to buy an 8gb. Found a class 6 for only 25$ shipped, I probably need to get one).

    Now that all that has been said I do have two questions:

    1. Can anyone reccomend any good RPGS(J)? I know all about the american ones and own plenty, I'm looking for some J-rpgs though. Currently looking into Luminous Arc 2 (thanks for the helpful review), but thats about the extent of my Jrpg knowledge.

    2. Why do people always seem to post about their flash carts something like "I love their service. I ordered 3 R4's from there" or "Yeah I bought my R4, DTTS, Cyclo, and Acekard from them" etc etc. Are these things really flimsy and dying all the time? Why are people always ordering them so much? For that matter, how come pages like RHS offer 5-packs of flash cards? I have found no explenation to the mystery.

    Thanks everyone! [​IMG]
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    Dragon Quest and ASH are good Japanese RPGs.

    Flash cards aren't flimsy (especially not the Cyclo), people order more than one so they can sell to friends who would pay much more than the actual price.
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    KiVan started this site, I don't really know about KiVan though
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    People buy extras for safety of mind I guess. I am fine with my lone flash cart personally but would always like an extra just in case but won't be buying one. Maybe I'll get lucky and win one of GBAtemp's competitions. No luck there so far. [​IMG] Others buy them so they can sell to friends like previously mentioned. Friends or other gamers they know would sometimes shell out big bucks for them if they aren't allowed to buy online due to their parents and are desperately willing to buy a flash cart. Huge profits their but I don't really like ripping friends so I don't do that.

    As for the RPGs, IDK, I don't really play much but I am very much enjoying The World Ends With You. Definitely try it as soon as you get some free time. It's great.