Texas Chainsaw 3D - Official Trailer (HD)

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    Sometimes you wish some movie directors would stop killing certain series, but it never stops no matter how many times you try, and I'm not saying it will be a bad movie, but it needs to stop once you make one good classic movie before.
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    Aug 5, 2011
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    "It happened before... It's happening again... and again... and again... and again... and again...and again."
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  3. Yumi

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    Apr 19, 2010
    re-release Evil Dead (no changes or anything) on theaters and I will go!

    This is just boring. Like the music of today.
  4. ody81

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Hell yeah, but I'd rather a better copy of Within the Woods (I can only get a hold of the same VHS rips)

    And wouldn't Leatherface be like 60 years old by now?
    Kinda removes the fear factor, it'd be like getting chased by your grand dad.
    This is terrible, still, the Total Recall remake beats this for idiocy. Why remake a perfectly good flick?
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    Evil dead is the best I have all three of them :)... GO BRUCE CAMPBELL!!!.