Testing: Format Wii System Memory

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    there have been a few posting about problems after performing a system memory format. so i decided to try it and see what happens. before plunging into this i was sure to make a recent nand backup using bootmii/boot2 and saving a copy to my computer. could have probably tested this using sneek? but i dont use sneek, so its not an option i have available.

    go into wii settings and select Format Wii System Memory.

    added channels and save data will be erased. BLAH BLAH BLAH. select format.

    if you use wii shop channel, BLAH BLAH BLAH, select format.

    remember, all of your current data will be lost. BLAH BLAH BLAH. select format.

    the wii system memory has been formatted. the wii console will shut down. select ok.

    the wii powers down, pressing the power button on the the wii remote turns it back on. to my surprise its a black screen WTF

    oh wait, its only been 15 secs and now i see press (A) to continue screen. not the usual screen but the first one when a wii is originally setup.

    press (A) and select language english, sensor bar above tv, date 2/8/11, time 23:20, widescreen, be sure to set your tv display BLAH BLAH BLAH. console nickname wii, country usa, parental controls no, your wii has screen burn in reduction BLAH BLAH BLAH ok.

    finally back at the darkwii theme and smoky health screen, press (A). wait WTF happened to all my channels????? did i not read that the format will remove my channels???? where is HBC and how am i ever going to play my games without the precious wiiflow channel???

    insert sd card to attempt bannerbomb v1. what do you know? hackmii loads as expected and hbc is installed using IOS58.

    first check is anytitle deleter. all expected IOS are still installed, also as expected all other content is removed except shop, mii channel, region select and EULA.

    next stop, syscheck. looks normal. [for my setup]

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    now to attempt reinstalling wiiflow channel and running games. loaded mmm using cIOS236. select wad manager and installed wiiflow starnight forwarder, exit mmm, exit hbc. start the wiiflow channel and everything loads fine, even games.

    access shop channel. DUH, i need to setup my internet connection, hold on. no, i dont wont to perform an update. try shop channel again, but i havent agreed to the EULA, i accept. works fine, even has my wii points and downloaded titles. sweet. downloaded netflix channel and even connected without a problem.

    what about priiloader? hold reset and back into priiloader, but all my settings and hacks are gone. change the settings and enable a few hacks. check move disc channel and its working.

    in conclusion, i dont see what all the fuss is about. all the Format Wii System Memory did was exactly what it said it would do, remove channels, save data and settings.

    now to run restoremii. my son would be upset if he found out i erased his game saves. LOL

    backupmii says "i haz success". rant over. have a nice day. [​IMG]
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    Nice write-up. I kinda expected most of this to happen, but learned a few things in the process (I didn't knew custom wii themes or priiloader would survive it). [​IMG]

    The fuss isn't so much as to what the format system memory is, but what (new) people expect it to be. For some reason, they seem to think it is an option to revert their hacking attempts. In pretty much all those cases, they barely know what they did to their wii. I've heard more than a few say they thought that it would undo all their hacks (it doesn't: IOS'es remain unchanged*).
    It's perhaps a bit exaggerated to tell people to NEVARRRR FORMAT UR WII MEMORY!!!!!!one!!!i!!! But really...how does the option help anyone? Why would you want to remove all your saved games and settings?
    That it removes all custom channels would be useful against banner bricks...except that with a bannerbrick, you can't reach the option to begin with. :-\

    *cIOS'es as well, so it seems...I admit I wasn't sure about that
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    Oct 1, 2010
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    What system version r u useing. Guess im a NB lol cuz i allways was thinking it wood brick my wii cuz all the outher form's i have read but like he said that's what ppl do and then everyone start's thinking that... do i just use mmm to put hbc back on after format... i need to do it cuz wen i got mine someone else had it and it's low on memory...
  4. Hielkenator

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    Feb 7, 2010
    After asking around on this forum and trying everything ( I had a system files corrupt after loading from usb loader with SOME games, 'Toystory 3 etc.) a system format fixed everything.
    Also worth noticing: your Wii nmbr/ message board changes also after a format. So your contacts will be gone and you will have to set your friends up again with your new number.
  5. sunnytimes

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    formatted mine because it was getting slow and acting weird as it has been my 'testing' wii for a long time and had tons of shit on it. now that its formatted i added wiimc , netflix and it runs nice'n fast again and the wife leaves me alone so i can play PS3 :]

    nice write up , i'll point anyone who asks to this thread.
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    LOL, it's as if formatting a Wii is like re-installing Windows.
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    Apr 8, 2011
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    formatted mine because it was getting slow and acting weird as it has been my 'testing' wii for a long time and had tons of shit on it.
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    Nov 2, 2006
    Troy ..you only have 17 IOS'es in your console ???