Tengen toppa gurren lagann translation

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  1. Darkfire_dusk

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    Hello good peoples is there a translation patch or is someone going to make one? I indeed searched the forums ahead of time but the only thing relater to gurren lagan is the "is it any good" topic. All I need it the tutorial and i'm good, having watched volume 1 on netflix, i'm pretty sure I can progress in the story. and If there is any customization screen then I'll figure it out. take your time, if a coder does take this up, if not, I have some studying to do. [​IMG]
  2. Shiro09

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    May 4, 2010
    I don't think that this game is being translated right now but you can request it here and if you wish to take up this game you can learn to romhack here, http://www.romhacking.net/start/ is also a good start