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    Finally got around to actually watching Gurren-hen and Lagann-Hen. They were pretty good, I liked the little twist at the end when

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    As for the overall movies, I thought Gurren-hen was lackluster. They took out many of the scenes of the anime I liked and didn't really add anything that was all that great except for the new ending with the fight with the 4 generals and his speech saying Kamina was dead. (Or was that really in the anime? I don't think it was but I could be forgetting.) Lagann-hen on the other hand proved to be a lot better then I expected. They kept pretty much all the scenes and even added new ones. Kittan's death was as epic and courageous as ever. But the ending like I said in the spoiler is what got me. They should've done that from the get-go instead of adding it in the movie. I liked the movies and I should probably pick up that school-based manga with the TTGL cast as well...

    I took a few screenshots of Gurren-hen but not Lagann-hen. I may go back and watch Lagann-hen and take some screens later.

    Simon making his speech to Viral and the 4 Generals
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    Yeah, that speech to the generals wasn't in the original, and I was also disappointed that the majority of Gurren-hen was re-used stuff, up until the end. There were some kickass moments, though.

    I haven't watched Lagann-hen yet, I think I'll go do that now, didn't know about that one. ^^;

    And because I can't post without an image...
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    I love Gurren Lagann!
    I actually have my own Core Drill Necklace and have a Dai Gurren Brigade Shirt.
    Gurren-hen wasn't too great, but Lagann-hen was amazing. Simon did make that speech in the anime, but it was just to General Guam. I could post a clip on youtube if needed.

    My TTGL DS Lite skin that I made, but haven't ordered
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Pics from the movie
    Warning: Spoilers inside!