Tenchu 4 getting ported to PSP!

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by War, Nov 26, 2008.

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    "So Tenchu 4 isn’t a Wii exclusive. Just like a member of the Tenchu 4 staff told us and I almost wrote off as a miscommunication, Tenchu 4 is getting ported to the PSP. From Software will publish it in Japan on February 12. Ubisoft hasn’t said anything about the PSP version since we don’t have Tenchu 4: Art of the Ninja here, but you can bet its coming. If Ubisoft doesn’t take care of it some other publisher will.

    I wonder how Acquire will adapt the controls for the PSP port. When I played Tenchu 4 it utilized motion control for finishing blows and dodge rolls. Some of these motoins can easily be replaced with button presses, but Tenchu 4 will lose its visceral feel. The screenshots from a Famitsu scan suggest the X and O buttons are going to be flexible action buttons. "

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    No surprise there, many publishers are starting to produce more PSP games (due it selling fairly well now) and like the Wii they're just relying on ports instead.