Ten Golden Rules of videogame piracy

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    Article here

    This is most accurate and funny part which is totally true.
    5. The R4 is for homebrew:
    The R4 is a perfectly legitimate tool and nobody has ever used it to completely rip off the Nintendo DS' game library. You can use it to play (legally purchased) movies or listen to (legally purchased) music on your DS. The main draw, of course, is all the homebrew that you totally use in between playing games that you own all the carts for. In fact, if you DO have any games on your R4, they are all definitely backups of games you already own. You just can't deal with the aggravation of putting all those unwieldy carts into the DS slot so it's handy to have all the legitimately acquired software in one place.
    It amazes you that anybody would want to use the R4 for piracy when there are so many other legal applications for it. You're not even tempted.

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    Heh... so true... for me that is [​IMG]

    Erm. Maybe not for the music bit though... [​IMG]
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    Why do they only say R4 :/

    So I guess if I have a CycloDS Evo/AK+/AK RPG/AK2/this list could go one for a while flash cards it's legal eh?
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    ^^ that sure makes us feel better doesn't it?*sarcasm*
  5. Veho

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    So the whole article is a sarcastic tongue-in-cheek jab at piracy? Meh. [​IMG]
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    Under your bed.
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    Good stuff there! Some parts went a little overboard, but I like it!
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    Nice post, it fits me quite well [​IMG]
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    Jan 30, 2008
    10. Never tell the truth...

    That you just like having shit and are too much of a cheap fuck to pay money for it.

    It's true...I AM CHEAP!
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    There's shame in number 10? [​IMG]
  11. cerenade

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    and don't have any money, or a job!
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    Ah, the equating of digital piracy to theft of a physical product. Never gets old.

    And for me, my reason is #2. You don't even want to know what I had to do to convince my wife to let me get a Wii (which I ended up getting through one of those "Claim your free video game console!" links) - and then I would have to convince her each time I wanted to buy a game too!
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    stupid and unfunny, can't believe I wasted my time reading the whole thing...
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    you won't understand because you're not that involved in the R4 scene.
  15. CockroachMan

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    I laughed with the article..

    But really, I started working some months ago and now, when a game is not too expensive, I buy it!
    Unfortunately, console games over here are way too expensive, a Wii/DS/PSP/360/PS3 *game costs at least 100 USD.. I wanted to help but, I don't have enough money for that.. really, fuck it!
    PC games on the other hand, are cheaper and I can buy them via Steam were I pay the same price as if I lived in North America, so, these I buy. Same goes for VC and WiiWare games.

  16. da_head

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    they only mentioned the r4, cuz its the best known flashkart. simple as that
  17. tKo HaXoR

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    WTF!!! This article makes total sense! Well to me anyways [​IMG]
    I'm a full pledged pirate!!!! ARRRGG! :^)
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    Why would I need to have every game/movie/music ever released (and some that never will be)...because I could if I wanted to, that's why...it's an addiction.

    I wonder how many people have all 2600+ NDS roms, and how many have played more than 1-2% of them. The same goes for any other format/system. There's a point that the obsession to collect becomes greater than the need to play/watch/listen to what you have.

    BTW, he forgot to mention the fact that you had like 500 VHS tapes of your favorite movies, and then you had to replace them all with DVD's and still keep up with the new releases, so then by the time you get them all replaced, you have like 1000 DVD's, and now you have to start replacing them with Blu-Ray's, and still keep up with the new stuff coming out. Not to mention the fact that you pretty much gave away the VHS tapes, and now are giving away the DVD's you paid 5-20 bucks a piece for! (substitute games/music, it's the same thing) If I had all the money I have spent on entertainment media and equipment to play it with over the last 20 years, I could probably retire by the time I turn 40! [​IMG]
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    I was hoping that cock-worthy 'article' wouldn't get mentioned here.

    Written by a conceited douche.
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    Ugh, I knew this article was gonna suck as soon as I read "Destructoid".

    Man, was I right.