Temper Post: Issue #8

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    [​IMG] Temper Post: Issue #8
    Weekly Summary by JPH
    Sorry for yet another gap between issues, but I now have completed a more compact version of the Temper Post.
    It will now include only GBAtemp & Scene News recap and weekly NDS reviews. That's it.
    This means no more "Temper Post Staff" - just reviewers are needed. I hope you all understand and still enjoy the read.

    Don't like it? Tough shit.

    Too much effort was put into the last Temper Post issues, and it takes a while to get an issue completed weekly.
    I'm not staying up all night each Friday or Saturday night to get an issue out.

    Instead of being posted in this topic, the Temper Post has it's own dynamic page. It's written completely in HTML, so that means it will be easier to send future issues of the Temper Post via e-mail. All Temper Post issues will be on this page and will be updated each week (old issues will be archived). I suggest you maximize your browser when viewing that page.

    There may be two more reviews added to this this issue. I'll update you if they're added. If not added in this issue, they'll be added in the next issue.

    [​IMG] Read the Temper Post: Issue #8
    [​IMG] PM JPH about reviewing for future issues of the Temper Post.
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    spoiler alert:
    the ending sign-off has a rat attached to it.
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    Homebrew has really been at a standstill lately. [​IMG]
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    I see you're as eloquent as ever... [​IMG]
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    Right about...here.
    Nice reviews. :3 Liked the new style too.
  6. TheStump

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    May 8, 2006
    well i guess there is no point reading it then. Thanks for the heads up
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    It's too wide >_< Use CSS to make those headings, not images, so it works on all screen sizes...
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    Mar 29, 2008

    Erm, the person who puts a lot of effort to bring out this for us?

    Nobodies forcing you to read it. [​IMG]
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    JPH, I'm glad that the Temper Post will continue, and thanks for all your hard work. The one thing I miss though was the ability to talk about the issue after it was posted. Is there any way to automatically create a forum topic for each issue that is linked to in each issue?