Telus Brings TV Streaming to the Xbox 360 in Canada!

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    Telus, a Canadian service provider will become the first North American carrier to bring television service to the Xbox 360 (sorry United States gamers, this is for Canada only). Leveraging a significant amount of new features into Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV platform, which has been utilized by Telus for sometime, will allow the Xbox 360 to be converted into a secondary box connected to the carriers Optik television service (we have been told this is only 50% or less of the company's customer base).
    Additionally, one of the added bonuses will be the ability to support PVR Anywhere features capable of recording three shows simultaneously at any given time. Another added bonus is that anyone signing up for new two-year service also nets themselves a shiny Xbox 360, completely free.

    Ben Huang, Director of marketing for Microsoft Mediaroom states that the company isn’t looking to supersede television so much as offer a secondary option, ““We know that there will be a variety of devices that consumers will want to use to access their TV service, including their laptops, mobile devices, Xboxes, and set-top boxes, among others,” Huang said. “We see Xbox 360 as an extension of the viewing experience. The primary set-top box in the home still serves as the DVR hub.”

    This launch from Telus comes months after AT&T (through Uverse) discussed plans to do the exact same thing, yet has done little to make it a reality as of yet. The only other carrier in the world currently supporting this type of initiative is Vodafone Portugal, however it should be noted that other carriers have reportedly been toying with the idea as well.[/p]