1. SchuchWun

    OP SchuchWun GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 9, 2008
    My ezflash 5 crashed and burned. I bought a new micro and proceeded to copy the contents from one to the other (minus some corrupt save files with impossible characters like □ which makes winblows have a brain fart) I had recently upgraded to firmware 1.80 and when the copy was complete I booted it up intending to reflash but was too late and it had already loaded successfully! Now I play my DS at work during the night shift so I was playing a game and I got a crash on saving. On to another game and again a freeze. after rebooting loaded another one to see if my save was still working which it was but I got a freeze again and now it appears that it can't reflash and won't load. format and recopy then reflash ? or is my card toast?

    NEVER MIND.... REFLASHING WITH 1.82 solved the problem.
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