technical question of saves with console and emulator

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    hi ^^ a save converted from emulator to console is tecnically the same as a real save of this console (psone,wii,etc.)? or if a person watch this save with a hex editor find differences (codes,etc.)? and a save of console used with emulator and after used again on console? thanks in advance
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    There are two classes of saves
    1) savestates/real time saves. These are memory snapshots and are up to the emulator author to decide a format for these depending on what they think they need and other things.

    2) normal game saves. The console/game probably has a known method and part of the emulator's job is to allow this to happen. However some emulator authors and hardware authors mix things up a bit (datel have a habit of adding a header to the saves there, some hardware likes formats so the emulator authors wrap it in these filetypes), sometimes the read commands get tweaked, sometimes the game gets patched by the emulator to use another save type (why emulate several dozen save types when you can emulate one and patch games) or other things get to sit on the bus (pokemon with the pokewalker is a good example from recent times). Should you figure out what the methods used here are, if any, then the data should be identical to the "proper" saves but I just wanted to make sure you did not expect to always be simply able to at worst rename and copy to your chosen location.

    Both of these methods though allow cheats of various forms to be made- find a location in the savestate and as long as you know how it maps to the memory you have yourself a cheat (well give or take any anti cheat measures the game might employ), find the location of the saved values for whatever and you have the position to edit for a save hack (again give or take any anti cheat measures- encryption, file hashing, conventional anti cheat measures...)