Team Xecuter shows exclusive video demonstrating their first "SX" Nintendo Switch "modchip"

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    Team Xecuter have finally unveiled their first Nintendo Switch "modchip" - the first in a "SX" range of products.

    The video shows off a dongle that connects to the Switch's USB type-C port and an accompanying device that attaches to the Switch's right-hand side Joycon rail. The Switch is then booted into a Team Xecuter custom firmware that shows the Switch running commercial backups and the ability to switch games in real-time.


    This is the first in a line of "SX" products from Team Xecuter and promises full compatibility with Switch's from all regions and all firmwares.

    Pre-orders for the device are to open this week, with more details to follow.
    Stay tuned to GBAtemp for further details on the SX range of products.

    Source: GBAtemp Inbox

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