Team Xecuter reveal info on upcoming Switch modchip

Discussion in 'Switch - Hacking & Homebrew' started by T-hug, Jan 15, 2018.

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    How do you know any of this when the freaking thing isn't even close to release and absolutely no info has been given to anyone about how it will work?
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    They've already stated one of the methods works on all FW. Easy to assume it's the hardmod/soldered method. Unsure about solderless. Also, staying offline is a given. We have no idea how Nintendo will handle things this time around.
  3. subcon959

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    Dec 24, 2008
    Not to mention it will be a paid online service this time so they could be extremely harsh with bans on any detected modification.
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    Eh, I'm still risking online eventually. If I get banned from the serviceso be it.There's still offline play.
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    Dec 30, 2013
    Between three female furries
    Im wondering, what does the solderless version will look like...
    Im no expert in soldering, but if its solderless, that would mean there are part of the switch almost made for that, and i doubt nintendo did the switch that way
    So my guess, its probably a flashcart using hardware exploit like skh3ds
  6. FAST6191

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    What we normally see mod chips soldered to are debug points and test points -- when in the factory, going in for repairs or being developed you need to test your device and get data in and out, especially of the security system.
    Said points if they are not removed from final builds (which may well be easier said than done for high speed devices sensitive to interference, or needing matched impedance traces) may then be used the hackers.

    A soldered mod chip then most likely is a chip or two on a little board, maybe with a few passives to do what it needs to do, that the would be modder gets to throw leads from to the points on the board. From a device making perspective this is a standard PCB making exercise able to done cheaply and easily.

    Said debug/test points often use something called a bed of nails tester, which is much as it sounds. One way solderless then works is to have something similar come down from the chip and be mechanically coupled to it, which can be easier said than done. This is not as cheap as the normal board.
    Option 2. While the test points might be removed the legs on the chip still do what they need to do. You then make a cover which goes over the chip (which is about as tricky as it sounds, and probably more expensive) to speak directly to the legs of it. There are also ways for chips without legs (see BGA) to have stuff done but unless it is outside balls I don't expect that to happen for a consumer device.
    Option 3. if there is a connector, like the wii drive or 360 drive, or maybe just classic pins like a PC motherboard, you sit your device on that. Here you make your device go between that or replace that. Some have wondered if the little clip in board is what is being used here, and as it does contain the NAND with all the nice system data then it is also a viable attack vector. That connector might be an off the shelf one or it might not but likely still more than the basic fly some wires from a simple PCB.

    There is no indication this will be a flash cart and if it happens right on boot that will be very surprising. It is not impossible that there is some check on the cart slot for a repair device that force boots from that but I expect TX would be shouting from rooftops that they have a flash cart of that scope coming out if so, even a clone cart a la the sky3ds (the gateway was the launched exploit one, sky's stuff was clone/duplicate a game) would be a shout it from the rooftops affair.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    yeah the idea that they would make a dongle/flashcard solution and then also make a soldered version would be pointless, if you can make a dongle or flashcard you would just do that and not even consider releasing a soldered version, who would ever choose a soldered version if they could just get a little dongle with zero(ish) risk to your system instead

    as for option 3, idk, I guess if they could design a little inline package they would just focus on making that as cheap as possible rather than making 2 separate boards so people can save .05p over having a connector on the board, that said it could be that combined with something that would also require soldering/solderless connection to some other test point/s elsewhere on the board
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  8. DeadlyFoez

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    This is my best guess going based upon TX history of past released products.

    Soldered version of the TX modchip; There will be a small thin PCB with a microcontroller that you must solder to some pins of an IC, maybe some test points, and a low possibility to have to scratch off some silk silk screen to access a trace or two but that is extremely unlikely.

    Solderless version of the TX modchip; It will be one or 2 small thing PCB's that will have an IC clip, much like the wii-clip, or something that presses against the switch motherboard and makes contact to certain test points or other conductors.

    What they both will be; They will both use the same concept, electrically, but connected differently. They will perform the same exact action(s). Dismantling the switch will be necessary for both.

    What these both will NOT be; The solderless solution WILL NOT be a flash cart. The solderless and the soldered solutions will not involve different hacks.

    From the information released thus far, we can conclude that these modchips will trick the hardware to run unsigned code, much like the 360's RGH.

    I HIGHLY doubt that these hacks have anything to do with the flash memory, directly. The electrical hardware side of the hack will not directly interface with the flash memory.
  9. Dan-the-Rebirth

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    Jan 5, 2014
    Worst case they have to ship every mod chip with a costom backplate for the switch(like some flashcards for the DS had a cutout for the chip and covert it with the sticker
  10. andijames

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    Jan 28, 2016
    So do we know what the mod is? No. Let's have patience and see what comes up. Then discuss. Just an idea.
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    noice. I'd like to see more info to see how it's gonna work.
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    Like mapping ports from a customized game card and having tiny wires coming out?

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    Under a rock
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    lol wow
    I dont even know......
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    Sep 23, 2013
    like tiny soldering ofc :P
  16. weatMod

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    Aug 24, 2013
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    unless they are going to be using something like the F0F method for older FW consoles and only those older FW models will get a "solderless" solution
    i don't think they have specifically stated that the solderless solution will be for all FW's ,maybe if you are on newer FW you will need to solder

    see -->
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  17. Trickboarder247

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    I owned a solderless modchip for the original xbox. While it was nice that you didn't have to solder anything, the drawback was that it was incredibly touchy. The pins had to be aligned just right. A chassis screw was used to hold the chip in place. Any moderate bump would cause the chip to lose contact. After that experience, I don't trust solderless chips and would rather save my time and money by just buying a regular solder version.
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  18. jt_1258

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    solderless version o.o praise the modding gods
  19. Soluble

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    Mar 12, 2017
    I certainly agree with this statement. They were fiddly as! I only purchased one, and given how easy the soldered mods were to install on that console I switched back to soldering. The switches were shit back then as well.
  20. mwhite67

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    I also had a solderless chip for the OG Xbox and if they are installed in a similar manner on the Switch I would be very wary of a solderless solution. Of course everything in the Switch is probably held together so tightly there may be no chance for the chip to be jostled and mess up the connection.