Team-Xecuter Presents SX OS v2.4 BETA

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    if it doesn't use the tinfoil code why are its error messages present and exactly 1:1 the same ?

    Why do i see goldleaf and tinfoil results on a simple google search of the strings contained in the binary

    so that it can be more precise allow me to even further transform the question to smooth processing:

    why do i see those =>
    Address    Length    Type    String
    .rodata:00000000001F7040    0000001A    C    failed to resize buffer!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7140    00000018    C    Failed to read file %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F73F8    00000026    C    Failed to open content meta database\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7420    0000001F    C    Failed to set content records\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7440    00000021    C    Failed to commit content records
    .rodata:00000000001F74C8    00000017    C    Failed to register %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F74F8    0000003C    C    Failed to get application control data. Error code: 0x%08x\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7568    00000032    C    Failed to get language entry. Error code: 0x%08x\n
    .rodata:00000000001F75D0    0000002A    C    Failed to count application content meta\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7600    00000030    C    Failed to list application record content meta\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7668    00000023    C    Failed to push application record\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7728    00000013    C    Failed to open %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7750    00000019    C    Failed to install cnmt!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7770    00000029    C    Failed to install content meta records!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F77A0    00000026    C    Failed to install application record\n
    .rodata:00000000001F77C8    0000001C    C    Failed to import ticket %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7A28    00000016    C    Failed to open cnmt!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7BA0    00000018    C    failed to open file %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7C58    00000018    C    Failed to open file %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7C98    00000023    C    Failed to create download thread!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7CC0    00000022    C    Failed to start download thread!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7CE8    00000024    C    Failed to set key for AES context!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7D10    00000023    C    Failed to set IV for AES context!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7D70    00000026    C    Failed to open NCM ContentStorage %d\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7DD0    0000001E    C    Failed to create placeholder\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7DF0    00000020    C    Failed to write to placeholder\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7E10    00000024    C    Failed to register placeholder NCA\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7E38    00000021    C    Failed to delete registered NCA\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7E60    00000022    C    Failed to check if NCA is present
    .rodata:00000000001F7E88    00000021    C    Failed to get installed NCA path
    .rodata:00000000001F7FC0    0000001D    C    Failed to read pfs0 header!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F7FE0    0000002F    C    Failed to read complete pfs0 header! %d bytes\n
    .rodata:00000000001F8098    0000001C    C    Failed to read rom header!\n
    .rodata:00000000001F8130    00000029    C    Failed to open key file for reading! %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001F8850    00000030    C    [WARN]: Failed to match key \"%s\", (value \"%s\")\n
    .rodata:00000000001FB7C8    00000029    C    failed to open titlekeys.txt for export\n
    .rodata:00000000001FBBD0    00000020    C    Failed to count common tickets\n
    .rodata:00000000001FBBF0    0000001F    C    Failed to list common tickets\n
    .rodata:00000000001FC4E0    0000001C    C    Failed to get recent socket
    .rodata:00000000001FC658    00000025    C    Failed to set SO_KEEPALIVE on fd %d\n
    .rodata:00000000001FC680    00000025    C    Failed to set TCP_KEEPIDLE on fd %d\n
    .rodata:00000000001FC6A8    00000026    C    Failed to set TCP_KEEPINTVL on fd %d\n
    .rodata:00000000001FC8B0    00000025    C    Failed to connect to %s port %ld: %s
    .rodata:00000000001FCDB0    0000002F    C    FTP: The server failed to connect to data port
    .rodata:00000000001FD020    00000035    C    Failed to open/read local data from file/application
    .rodata:00000000001FD390    00000027    C    Failed to initialise SSL crypto engine
    .rodata:00000000001FD568    00000027    C    Failed to shut down the SSL connection
    .rodata:00000000001FD590    00000038    C    Failed to load CRL file (path? access rights?, format?)
    .rodata:00000000001FED48    00000027    C    WARNING: failed to save cookies in %s\n
    .rodata:00000000001FEDA8    00000027    C    Failed to alloc memory for big header!
    .rodata:0000000000200E58    00000020    C    Failed to alloc scratch buffer!
    .rodata:0000000000201BD0    0000002B    C    Failed to resolve \"%s\" for SOCKS4 connect.
    .rodata:0000000000201C28    00000027    C    Failed to send SOCKS4 connect request.
    .rodata:0000000000201C50    0000002E    C    Failed to receive SOCKS4 connect request ack.
    .rodata:00000000002020C8    0000002F    C    Failed to send SOCKS5 sub-negotiation request.
    .rodata:0000000000202318    0000002B    C    Failed to resolve \"%s\" for SOCKS5 connect.
    .rodata:0000000000202348    00000027    C    Failed to send SOCKS5 connect request.
    .rodata:0000000000202370    0000002E    C    Failed to receive SOCKS5 connect request ack.
    .rodata:0000000000202818    00000020    C    Failed to parse FETCH response.
    .rodata:0000000000203500    00000022    C    failed to resume file:// transfer
    .rodata:0000000000203700    00000014    C    Failed to read data
    .rodata:0000000000203760    00000033    C    failed to resolve the address provided to PORT: %s
    .rodata:0000000000203E80    0000002A    C    Failed to clear the command channel (CCC)
    .rodata:0000000000203ED0    0000001B    C    Failed to figure out path\n
    .rodata:0000000000203F68    00000018    C    Failed to MKD dir: %03d
    .rodata:0000000000204070    00000012    C    Failed to do PORT
    .rodata:00000000002076B8    00000021    C    failed to read screen descriptor
    .rodata:0000000000208338    00000021    C    Failed to convert and save image
    .rodata:000000000020DAA8    00000023    C    Failed to create temporary file %s
    in the attached screenshots, (just google the strings surrounded with quotes yourself if you don't trust those)

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    Jun 15, 2018
    Someone clarify this to me please.
    With this emunand can I have 6.0.1 modded sysnand and 6.2 clean emu for online usage? Or would that ban me?
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    Aug 9, 2018
    i've been finessed
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    A big NO to do that way.
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    United States
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    May 25, 2018
    Tinfoil contributors I'd assume.
  8. Vic_Vinegar

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    Jun 21, 2018
    So to avoid issues with the console freezing, we have to run sx os 2.4 beta and use choixdujour to upgrade to 6.2
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    DZ got his own codes , why do you care .. You use licensed code
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    I'm not even wasting my time/energy with these posts, they'll be deleted eventually
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    Is anybody else having problems installing NSPs which require 6.2?
    I couldn't install the Smash Bros update or the Carcassonne NSP.
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    Aug 9, 2018
    the ones that are posting the screens, i guess
  13. Keylogger

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    What are you talking about?

    With SX OS 2.3 sleep mode was broken on emunand if your OFW was 6.2
    Now, problem fixed
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    Jun 21, 2018
    I was referring to someone else's post (should have quoted them)

    Thanks for clarifying this for me/us!
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    Nov 26, 2018
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    Hello, I’m on FW 6.0.1 and I’ve been using SX Pro for about a month with two 128 gb se cards full of XCI’s.
    I’m using version 2.0.1 of SX OS with RCM not enabled and my switch is always on airplane mode.

    I do not have an emunand partition and I’m not planning on creating one.

    Just for my own understanding, did you updated the FW on your switch to 6.2 by booting directly into the OFW without the dongle connected?
    -A step by step in how you updated your switch’s FW will be of a great help.

    I’m sorry, but I’m a total noob on this and wouldn’t like to screw up my ability to play games through SX pro.

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    So the SX installer skips fw requirement for 6.2? Cool that's one of the only reasons why I still used tin. If I want to setup a emunand I would net to copy all SD content to the PC first right? Would the nsps installed to SD still work if I copied them back? How does the 5.0sys 6.2 Emu configuration work(fuses & card fuses)
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    Error text is not code, I have stated several times in the past that I read tinfoil and hactool's code and I credited them for that. Using error strings, or even header files / data structures does not trigger a GPL violation.

    The code you are citing, is publicly available: go look at it and you will see there is no GPL violation:

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    Yes it does.
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    Is the nsp installers broken for 6.2 updates for smash ?
  19. m4xw
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    Dec 13, 2018
  20. aerios169

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    Dec 30, 2012
    i updapted my emu of 5gb with choinx and i just got a black screen, so my emunand is dead
  21. jakkal

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    your friend is an idiot
    he probably didnt update his emunand to 6.2

    theres no sleep bug

    Also AutoRCM works. Just tested it myself
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