Team 17 will release Alien Breed for the PS3 & Vita early February.

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    Team 17, the team behind the Alien Breed and Worms series, will release the 1991 Commodore Amiga Alien Breed for the PS3 and Vita. Please note it was available on the IOS in 2012 and in various capacities on XBLA (later saw a disc release). The PSN release adds features to the classic game such as wireless/online multiplayer, leaderboards and various packs increasing the content.

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    Played the IOS version, while it isn't bad (based on the original version) it kinda destroys some Gameplay elements for no reason at all (why remove the damned shops via computers? made the game a LOT more difficult).

    Meh, I'm still a fan of the ORIGINAL version - and anyway, Alien Breed 2 was much, much better.
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    For reference Alien.Breed.Trilogy.PAL.XBOX360-MARVEL hit in March 2011 and had been on XBLA for a lot longer.
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    Those were from the remake or whatever you would call it. This is from the first generation of the game.